Fear and Uncomfort

People are afraid of the unknown. Frightened of being uncomfortable.

Truthfully, no matter what the situation, more than 99% of the time the worst case scenario of something does not involve axe murderers.

Yet the fear of stepping outside the comfort zone or dealing with confrontation of the uncomfortable leaves the butt on the couch and the mind perfecting procrastination.

Between Hollywood and marketing firms, life is presented as allegedly happy and wonderful all the time. People live in wonderful places which, in real-life, there is no way they could afford. People are in and out of relationships without much consequence. The Hollywood highway of life is studded with rainbows as shit by unicorns.

The real-life highway has potholes. Big and large holes that wreck the suspension of the cars riding upon it. There are no municipal taxes to fix these, they just remain until the driver fills them in themselves. If the driver does not fill them in, they get bigger and deeper.

The fear comes from standing on the road and having another person’s vehicle accelerating towards the driver filling the pothole. What if the other driver does not see the filler…what if the car brakes fail…what if they want to hit them?

These potholes, when dealt with early, are quick ad easy to fix. The deeper and wider they get, the more difficult. The fear grows from not filling it.

Life is not always comfortable and happy, no matter what the fairy tales say.

But, the uncomfortable is sometimes how improvement is found.

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