Piggy With the Revolver in the Kitchen

“Professor Plum, in the library, with the revolver,” Wendy held up her hands expecting the victory.

Lance glared at her. “Are you cheating?”

“HI-YAH!!!” the television screamed as Miss Piggy took a chop at Kermit.

“Moi?” Wendy asked in her best Piggy voice. “Of course not.”

They sat in the large kitchen. All the cupboards were a bright white with matching floor and wall tiles. Both of those had been chosen to match the Formica laminate counter of Oxford White with the sparkle finish. The television on the corner of the counter featured dancing Muppets in the grainy rerun.

Wendy was never sure why she remembered the name of the laminate above all else, but that was what stuck with her from last year’s renovation. Even the table that she and Lance sat at matched the laminate in both table top and chairs.

The appliances were all brightly polished chrome, from the refrigerator to the coffee pot.

“Is she beating you again, Lance?” The voice was from Mary, the upstairs butler who had just walked in from the far end entrance.

“The woman cheats,” he answered, still shaking his head.

Wendy giggled. “All I do is bat my eyelashes and he falls down at my feet. Who needs to cheat?”

Mary stepped to the refrigerator and pulled a water bottle out to sip on. “Well, just keep your pants on.”

“He just lost his pants,” Wendy pointed out. “That’s five straight for me. Oh, and speaking of pants…” She smiled at him brightly.

Lance stood up and pulled at the button on the front of his pants.

“Wait,” Mary said and walked back towards the stairs. “I can’t watch. Besides, he loses on purpose just for the blowjob.”

“I do not!” Lance protested to the back of Mary walking up the stairs. “My wife wouldn’t approve of that.”He dropped his pants.

“Commando? That hardly seems fair.”

Lance shrugged.

“Maybe Mary is right.” Wendy leaned forward and grasped his flaccid penis. “What would your wife think?”

Lance shrugged once more as he pushed his chair back. “I don’t know. What do you think.”

Wendy, still in her white blouse, pants and apron knelt in front of him.  “I’m furious. Random blowjobs from someone you work with.”

Lance chuckled. “Is there a punishment?”

“Yeah,” she answered and kissed the tip of his forming erection. “I need to be properly fucked as soon as we get home.”

“Okay, but how is that different from any other night? Or morning, for that matter?”


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