Stranded’s Awesome: Irresistible Gong Banging

I recall way back when a song called “Addicted to Love” first hit the airwaves…must admit, I was not all that impressed.  The song was alright, but not quite what I figured was my style…for some reason, I still bought Robert Palmer’s 1986 CD release of “Riptide“, which included the tune…maybe I liked the tune more than I admit…maybe I liked the women in the video…can’t say, but there was another tune on “Riptide” that I heard and I was hooked…”I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On”

The man even inspired another hit group to include a line about him…

I like my bands in business suits…

Huey Lewis and the News, Hip to Be Square

This song was different enough that it caught my attention and a fan was born.  Palmer is one of the few celebrities who ever mattered to me…I count him with George Carlin, and Douglas Adams…and Palmer’s death in 2003 (he was only 54) shocked me.

After his song turned me on in 1986, I went back and listened to much of his earlier material from “Men Smart, Women Smarter” to “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)”.  Then, of course, there was his run with Power Station…something of a hybrid band of Palmer with Duran Duran…

For me his best work, however, was from his “Don’t Explain” CD.  This release was in 1990, while I was going into my second year of university and I would listen to this over and over on my DiscMan on my three hour commute to and from school each day…think of all the homework I could have been doing.  This was a mixture of his normal rock edge and an intro of some old smooth jazz…the combo was glorious for me.  Two songs were huge hits…”Mercy Mercy Me/I Want You” and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight“…but two other’s caught my attention.

I will still occasionally put his tunes on for hours at end as I do my writing or whatever…a man taken from us much too soon.


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