Morning Wood

So I have to deal with morning wood all the time.

Customers call in…I ask what thickness and width they want…then send the forklifts into the stacks to get it.

Wait…by “morning wood”, what were you thinking? O_o

Yes, quite literally, I sell wood for a living. The want to be a gigolo might be described the same way on a resume…just a different connotation.

This morning’s wood, however…well…it needs attention and not the type involving forklifts. More like a tongue, hands and a clitoris.

Laying in this big empty bed does not help…I should get up. Being single does not help either…my last girlfriend would wake me with fellatio on my birthday (too bad it was only on my birthday).

Ah well…these things happen for a reason, right? In this case the reason is I am choosing to remain single.

Much as I enjoy sex…I tend to rush into relationships for the want of sex. She tickles my balls, and I was in.

Funny, but it did not start that way. It started, being brought up Irish Catholic, as guilt and pressure that it was “unnatural” to be alone…thus leading to two ex-wives.

First ex-wife was one of the first women to pay me any attention, so I latched onto her. The sex was very vanilla.

Second ex-wife gave a wonderful blowjob, but I had nothing in common with. She did teach me how wonderful it feels to have her muscles working to swallow while she still had me in her mouth.

Third ex-wife…there will not be a third ex. There will not be a third wife…at least not for a very long time.

There have been girlfriends, of course…most recent of which I am pleased to say is still a friend.

I am, of course, being simplistic to the above descriptions. There was more to these than just sex…at least I think there was more, but seems I have blacked most of that out.

I have completely lost track of where I was going with this.

Oh yes, morning wood.

Speaking of which, seems I must deal with something.


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