Shaving, Dead Blackberries and Speed Dating

Just quick note here as I need to shave, should already be hunting for dinner and should have showered by now.

Tonight, as mentioned previously, is speed date night.

Being my Blackberry is currently as useless as a corner payphone, it is a good thing I have the PC at home.  Not sure, but perhaps BB has finally run itself out of the competition for the so-called smart phones which, need I remind of the cliche, are only as smart as their programmers.  Perhaps it is all a conspiracy and an attempt to shut down all these “Occupy Blue Street” scenarios.

So, currently 17h42 EST and I am supposedly out of here in 45 minutes.  They did change the venue to a place I have not been before…originally it was scheduled at one of my favourite restaurants, actually, but the new place I have no idea.  Still, should be fun.

I promise, I will not be bringing any Tarot cards with me…no note pads…in fact, other than a useless Blackberry, I will not be bringing much with me.

So, continue on with your business, nothing to see here…and I will post again with stories of the aftermath of this evening’s festivities.


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