On the Streets of Toronto

This is 3000+ words of general nothingness. My posts generally run from 800 to 1500 words, but this one got a touch out of hand and, truth be told, has little more than rambling to it. In other words, please drink heavily prior to reading..

It is 10h20 EST and I am riding The Red Rocket (aka the TTC or Toronto Transit Commission) bus #29 northbound on Dufferin towards my next appointment. Got on at King West and off again at Eglinton, so I have some time.

Being my left hand holds my coffee, and only one thumb is typing…good thing.

Once a month my current employer will send me off to play and flirt with the architects and designers which is what I did every day for the better part of two years with a previous employer.

Much as I hated the driving, I am finding this much more enjoyable by public transit. I would have happily stayed where I was if I could have done it this way most days.

Though this city is generally far too left wing and Liberal for my taste politically, something still speaks to me here.

Wish it had spoken to me earlier as it is not Eglinton I am going to, but Dundas West. Missed my stop. Luckily I am nearly a half hour ahead of schedule and I have a transit day pass. Give me a minute, though, as one should not jay walk and text even if the coffee is now gone.

So, where was I?

Oh yes, Toronto. is just like Chicago with less architectural character and likely far less fire arms owned by the general populous. Some very distinct rough edges once one is out of the downtown core…even some right in the core. Plenty of places to lose one’s self in the crowd and go. Even some very dark corners that, at times, can be very appealing.

Not visiting any of the scary areas today. The Sherbourne/Queen East area is not on today’s agenda…though there are some larger designers and architects in the area, so it will be. In my previous employ when I was down there, not certain that a visit went by without being offered a $20 blowjob….$30 for no condom from one.

Before asked, I did not indulge in such,. I have no issues with prostitution, but that just is not a safe area.

Back on the bus, now going southbound at Davenport. Will not be long now.

As for the rougher edges, there are places I need to explore in this city yet. Need the right partner in crime for such adventures, however. Someone with just enough of a sense of adventure and kink to play along a mischievous road with me and leave a trail of condoms to find our way home.

There was a goddess at my first appointment this morn that would have been fun to drag along for such. There will be another at my last whom I have met with before (alas, only for work and not gonna happen outside of work much fun as she might be…but I will talk about her later). There is one standing near the rear door of the bus right now…white and black fabric coat, raven black hair, skirt that stops at upper thigh and is almost hidden by her coat, and near platform high heels.

My luck, she just got off at the subway station on Bloor West.

Dundas West, the CORRECT STOP, is not far now.

Have a woman in front of me now with a cute toddler in the chest harness. Being both are in all black save her red polka dot head scarf over her auburn short hair, and his little purple tuque, they have this odd goth thing going on. Cute little guy is bouncing around and looks very confused. Considering the choice of clothing, I am assuming the child to be male. The mother, however, is a broadcaster and reading her mail to those on the bus around her…yeah, severely odd…were it not that she is really just talking to her baby.

My stop is next, so thumb-type ya in a bit.

I got talking to my boss one day, as he is looking at someone to do this for our firm on a permanent basis. He knows that I would not want to do that much driving and, due to the normal sample requirements, I could not bus it everyday. We got talking and he asked me if we needed an artsy woman to do this…which I answered “no”. Dealing with the social issues of designers and such, you need one thing with two options. The one thing is a cute young guy. The options are one who is not homophobic and can even flirt with gay guys when called upon…or a gay guy who can flirt with the women as well.

I have to be honest here, this is not me. I am not homophobic…at all. However, I am a 40 something gentleman dom and not a “cute young” guy. My inner dom means I can no longer do “cute” like I once did…at least not in the way this would require.

They need cute in that the women will smile, flip their hair and perhaps, just perhaps, offer a blowjob in the parking lot…remember, this is Toronto with shady areas. Random blowjobs in parking lots are not common, but not out of the question.

I am still keeping my fingers crossed for such an event to happen today.

Just finished another appointment with another gay-ish designer. Not saying he is gay, as I really have no idea and it is not my business, but he gives off the vibe and is too young and hip to flirt with me if he is. Nice guy, though. He always wears chains on him somewhere giving that goth or bdsm look. I could see him hanging out at the goth clubs around town and getting laid with relative ease.

I do not go to those clubs. I keep threatening to go, but have yet to.

So now I am on the Dundas West 505 trolley heading to St. Clair subway where I will transfer to bus route 88 to get to my next appointment. I am officially half an hour ahead of schedule, which is a problem as when booking my next stop the designer used the words “the closer to one-thirty, the better.” Likely have to grab some lunch somewhere on this leg of the trip to stall, if for nothing else.

The parking lot or public-ish blowjob thing…yes, jumping back a chapter…is a fantasy I always enjoy. Along with my inner dom lies an exhibitionist streak and a little voyeur as well. The “random” part above does not interest me…I prefer someone I know to play with for safety and security…two delusions as how well do we really know anyone?

Coming up on Spadina Avenue now. Almost to my transfer point. Well into the heart of Chinatown, now. Speaking of some interesting shady areas. I suspect many of these “hollistic massage parlors” are more along the lines of rub and tug than anything. Now riding along past the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) and at that corner we are greeted by a nice big picture of Muppets!

They always make me smile.

Very interesting couple behind me. Black ball cap, hoodie, torn jeans sunglasses on a dude that is nearly as pale as I am. Her, has an Asian look and dressed a bit older in fashion…looks more like his mother. They are holding hands, though. Interesting city.

So, welcum to Yonge Street. Slight mistake in that two transfers required on this leg. Get on the subway northbound to St. Clair and then my next bus. In other words, welcum to Yonge Street and the Toronto subway.

We will come back to both a little later in my day as well.

I used to ride this university down here daily when I was skipping out on university classes at York to come down here and watch movies. Saw films like “Star Trek Generations” and “Stargate” that way.

Remember the public-ish blowjob thing? Yeah, university was fun. I remember one friend who came down here from school with me and we *ahem* Christianed the Uptown Theatre that was just south of bloor on Yonge’s west side. She liked to go comando, what can I say? I took advantage…and would again, now if given the opportunity. The Uptown is condos now, though.

So now I wait. Sitting on my next transfer…just me…a cute brunette across the aisle…and no driver as of yet. I wonder if she is into blowjobs? She gave me the once over when I got on the bus. The disapproving eyes, however, that said “not young a cute” ended it. I have never done anyone on a public transit vehicle before, however. With the cameras on these buses, not likely that will ever happen. Besides, another foursome just got on and they are younger and cuter with their flashy earrings and chains.

And we’re off…!

Back above ground and the view opens with two beautiful goddesses in knee length skirts crossing the street. I am such a dog. Amazes me that people think I am a nice guy. I guess generally I am as I tend to curb such thoughts right after the initial appeal…probably why I have such issue catching attention of goddesses as well, as I shut down the animalistic early and fast but then have trouble opening the throttle again. Thus I have had many failed vanilla relationships.

I do not want vanilla anymore. It no longer works. I want some excitement.

Not to suggest I need whips, chains, nor severe bdsm or the like. I do want some kink in my daily routine, however. Some sorted quiet fantasies that I can share with her…whomever “her” is.

Is it wrong to be sitting on a bus and fantasizing about the feeling of her hand sitting on my groin and lightly playing? That’s just it…I want playful and not just in the bedroom…playful in the living room, in the car, on the bus, on a random street corner. I have this want for the thrill of potentially getting caught. Something I have experimented with, but never locked in on as a goal.

A woman just got on the bus with killer boots, black rimmed glasses and curly brunette hair. Ringlet, hooker and librarian fantasy all rolled into one. To quote Billy Crystal…”NOW, BABY, NOW!”

And, again, the mind shuts the libido down.

See, I am a nice guy. Much as I would like to give her more than a once over, I will not.

But I was talking about Toronto, was I not? Seems I hit a severe side track. Oh well, deal with it.

Almost to my stop, however, and going to go grav some lunch. Will continue after my next appointment, I think.

Note to self… Onion rings at South St. Burger Co. are awful. Never again…yuck.

It is now 13h40 EST and my cell battery is lower than I would like. Have turned off the phone function for awhile to conserve.

Sitting on the bus running route 34 east bound on Eglinton back towards Yonge Street. One more stop and my day is done.

This last meeting is with one I have met with a few times before. One whom, if it were not for the *ahem* professional nature of our discussions, I would ask out in a heartbeat.

Traffic, however, is currently suggesting that I will be late for our 14h00 affair…er…meeting.

She is one worth getting married just to have an affair with her. Considering how single I am, and how single I would like her to be…not bloody likely as she is probably long since taken by some lucky bloke who gets blowjobs from her in their condo parking lot before they go to work.

Okay, imagination is running away with me there.

Lunch was South St. Burger Co., yes. Burger was good and, as previously mentioned, onion rings were not.

I then did the unthinkable.

In an attempt to stall for time, I went into HMV and found something extraordinary. There are two bands that I have not seen live that I really would still like to. Genesis seems as though the band has retired along with Phil Collins back. The other, who does still perform…well that changes tonight…sort of. I picked up a DVD copy of good atheist Toronto boys…Rush in Rio.

I have a few DVD concerts..m4eem to be getting a small collection going, and this is the latest addition.

I was about to mention that this bus finally had a goddess worth commenting on get on…but holy shit is she skinny. I would break her like yesterday’s gelding.

Call me a superficial chauvinist if you like, but skinny women scare me. Men, too, but I do not look at them quite the same way.

Made it to my final appointment of the day. Likely the best in both eye and mind candy for me, but who am I kidding? I’m not young nor cute enough to be in this woman’s league.

Then again, seems to be a theme of my current dating life.

Now almost 15h00 and I am fini. The last was gorgeous and classy as always…almost convinced she is single based on something that came up during our discussion. The fact that she asked if I have lost weight…well… Then, being completely bad to allow my mind to wander like this, the thought of those eyes looking up at me while she had something in her mouth…and then to know there is a lot in that gorgeous head so I would be able to talk to her after said *ahem* meal…oh, I better stop.

I did flirt with her, near downright openly. All I needed was a beer stein to run my finger around to be more open.

There should be a law requiring some sort of signal though. One that says “I’m single”…then another to say “single and emotionally available”…then next would be “single and looking”…with the final one “single and looking directly at you.” Considering the eye contact, she might be. I am not certain if she was openly flirting back (yes, please), or she is simply that way (still good, but…). Again, however, she is well out of my league.

Apparently my league is frumpy and vanilla. I need to change that.

Back in the subway now, and may get off two stops ahead to walk along before bolting the core. Thinking to stop at one of the adult shops and poke around for massage oils in the hope of using one on someone. May just wander through a shop or two and see what is what.

It just occurred to me that carrying a soft empty briefcase, they will be unlikely to do the adult shops. Oh well, another time.

My train out of downtown goes every twenty minutes or so…no real rush. Though the thought has occurred to me that it would be nice to have a more comfortable seat than I did this morning.

I just wrote the warning you read at the beginning of this. Knowing I am only at 2500 words currently, perhaps a bit ambitious.

They did let me in the adult shop. Apparently I look professional enough that they did not care. They even wandered off at one point and I could have easily wandered out with a free massage oil. I did not…but I thought about it. I am such a fucking wimp. Even the store was boring. Was thinking their costumes are more the corporate kink items you would see on Desperate Housewives or something. pretty sad in the grand scheme.

So, finally my day is coming to a close back at union Station.

Very little battery left and sitting beside a rather ignorant woman that likes to swing elbows. Considering there were still empty seats towards the back, I wish she had chosen more wisely before I decide it is my turn to swing an elbow at her nose. But I am a nice guy. I will just put up and shut up. I always do.

So that was my day on the streets of T-Oh. A city I appreciate much more now that I am not there every day. One I should probably wander into more often rather than sitting at my computer and tapping out erotic stories each night.

It is a funny thought, but were my last client to ever find my stories…wonder what she would think. Of the potential dateable women I currently have in my life…a couple really seems to like them, most are pretty indifferent, and I had one tell me she will not read porn.

The erotic stories are fun, too…but need to get out more or those random blowjobs from a goddess I like will never happen. Without getting out there, I will never find her.

It was a fun day.

That last line is the Douglas Adams “Mostly Harmless” way of summing up the 3000 words prior to it..well, due to battery issues, the 2785 words prior to it, but whoks counting?

Oh, apparently I am.

The sun is setting out over Mississauga as this bus cruises along the QEW towards home. For the record, I live in Mississauga, a suburb type city that borders Toronto on the west.

“I got sunshine in my stomach, like I just rocked my baby to sleep…” Genesis, In the Cage

Just heard that lyric and four different women crossed my mind. One is unrealistic beyond belief…my last meeting today as, for reasons of writing here I let my imagination run amuck on the idea of her. One is a “been there, done that” scenario and I cannot do that again. The third is one of my readers that I may never meet…were it not for things like commutes, border crossings, passports, Homeland Security and other such things…who knows. The fourth is realistic in that she is here and single and very friendly…but just like my last client this afternoon, she is well out of my league.

Alas, back to the drawing board.

Oh look, I did get to 3000 words after all.



  1. this was SOOO much fun for me!! i usually do my Toronto visits via Google Maps & youtube videos, but this was super special because i was with you 🙂 i imagined myself sitting behind you on the transit, following you throughout your day. watching you enjoy your lunch until eating the awful onion rings and then rolling on the floor laughing at the face you made. you are so cute! i was there watching the womens trying to guess which ones you were imagining getting the BJ’s from (all of the womens, ha!) and thinking of cliff…i miss him. i should spend the day catching up on your blog. i loved this.


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