She Who Hesitates…expanded

Author’s note:  This is something I first posted almost a year back.  That original post was edited, cut and whittled down to about 400 words.  This new version was my original draft and then expanded upon.

“Oh my God!”

Her brunette hair was matted with sweat to her forehead as she quickened her pace. The rest of her hair bounced down her back. Her breath quickened and she closed her eyes to enjoy the moment. Even her toes started to tingle.

His hands grasped her hips and pulled her down harder with an audible smack. “Holy fuck!”

She grasped the black metal headboard for balance as she raised up again. Her vision cleared with memory…

29 years ago…


The brunette looked up from her fries. “Hi, Paul.”

Paul had a round face under his blonde hair. He was a healthy size, not huge but his belly, covered in a blue tee-shirt, spilled over his jeans.

“What are you doing?”

Amy glanced around her. “Ummm…eating…and algebra.” She nodded at the open text book beside her small paper bowl. Her hands sat in the lap absently smoothing out her kilt.

“How’s algebra?” His eyes briefly lowered to her bosom covered by her burgundy uniform sweater.

“Father Tomms gave us too much to do.” She glanced up at him. “Where’s your uniform?”

Paul ignored the question. He was distracted and blushed as two girls at the next table cackled over some gossip as they shared a large plate of fries.

Regaining his composure, he lowered himself onto the bench beside Amy. “Ah…I was wondering.” He scratched his bright red chin.

Amy found his look odd. His skin was normally deathly pale.

He continued, “You know the dance next Thursday?”

“Yeah?” She felt her face warm with the realization of what was coming.

“I was thinking that maybe, oh I don’t know, we might…ah…well…”

“Okay,” her answer slipped out before Paul finished the question.

Paul’s mouth froze for a moment. He failed trying to hide a grin. “Great.”

“Great.” she repeated with a grin. Her legs shook with nerves.

Paul seemed confused as he likely had expected rejection. “So if I pick you up around six?”



She blinked at him. “Where what?”

“Where do I pick you up?”


“Yes!” Amy screamed as she rode harder.

“Stop,” the man beneath her commanded. “On your knees.”. He got up on his own knees behind her and entered her again.

She screamed again with even more volume.

28 years ago…

Amy felt tears start to sting the corners of her eyes. “But…”

“We can’t afford it.” Elizabeth stood at the foot of the bed.

“But, mom…”

“Amy, do I look like I’m made of money? Your father works long hours to keep us in house and clothes. He also needs to save up for your three brothers going to university.”

Amy looked up into the slits of blue eyes under the white hair on her mother’s head.

“Besides, you don’t need to learn accounting. You know how to do laundry and cook. You’ll make a great wife for a successful man when the time comes.”


Elizabeth sat beside her and smoothed out her apron. She turned and pulled Amy’s hands into her lap. “I know it is hard.”

“I’m not going to be a wife…”

“Yes, you are. I probably shouldn’t say…” Elizabeth’s blue eyes looked away.

“Say what?” Amy pulled her hands back and wiped at the tears now running down her cheeks.

“You will be a wife. Paul got permission from your father to ask you.”

“What?” Amy’s mouth moved silently for a moment before it found the words. “I don’t want to marry Paul.”

Elizabeth’s hand was fast and clamped on Amy’s chin tightly. “Your father gave permission. You will not embarrass us.”


Amy let out a literal yelp as she felt the warmth inside her and his fingers playing with her clitoris.

“Amy, you’re glowing,” he spoke softly with a slight punctuation with each thrust.

Amy sighed.

“So, tell me what you want, m’lady.”

25 years ago…

The priest glanced at his book. He looked bored. Clearing his voice, his hands grasped the pulpit and he began, “Today we are here to support Paul and Amy as they declare their love for each other in front of God. This unification will bring them great comfort as their love grows. Soon we will also witness the children of this couple…”

Amy almost rolled her eyes.

Later that afternoon…

“Dance with me,” Amy whined and tugged on Paul’s hand. Her slim body twirled in her ankle length white dress. The dress had been given to her by her grandmother.

“I can’t…no…” Paul blushed. His tuxedo was also a hand-me down and was too tight on him.

“But its my wedding.”

“Its our wedding, and I don’t dance.” He pulled his hand from hers and turned to walk to the bar.

Amy watched him walk away. Her shoulders slumped as she pulled out the chair to sit down and wait for her husband.

Later that evening…

“Paul? Are you in?”

Paul lay on top of her with his mouth buried in her shoulder. “Um…?”

She felt a sharp pain as his penis entered her. A few quick humps and he collapsed on to of her.

Her hands held his hips as her arms could not reach all way around him. “What?”

“I think I’m done.” He rolled off of her and lay on his back.

Amy waited a moment until Paul stopped shivering. She gave him a small grin. “That was nice.” She turned and propped herself up on her left elbow to kiss him hard.

Paul pushed her away. “Let’s get some sleep. Our bus leaves early.”


“I’m seeing stars,” Amy giggled. She sat with her legs crossed.

The man rolled a filled condom off of his penis. “Really? We haven’t even gotten you there yet.”

Her eyes widened. “Where?”

He smiled and answered, “Just wait and enjoy.” His hand slipped between her legs again.

23 years ago…

“Who did he play for?” Amy pointed at the bronze bust. “He looks familiar.”

Paul rolled his eyes. “That’s Merlin Olson. He played for the Rams.”

“Oh.” She brushed some dust off of her knee length red skirt. Her matching jacket covered a white blouse with black nylons and shoes. “Is he on Little House?”

Paul scratched his left leg through his baggy blue jeans. “Little House?”

“…On the Prairie.”

He shrugged. “No idea. That’s a silly show, anyway” He scratched his shoulder through the white tee shirt. “Damn, a hole.” He bent down to show her.

Amy touched the sleeve of his shirt and found the hole where the seam had let go.

“Did you not see this when you did the laundry?”

She shook her head.

“Can you fix it when we get back to the hotel?”

A sly grin appeared on Amy’s face. “Back to the hotel already? What shall we do?”

He shrugged and straightened back up. “I want to watch the Bear-Cowboy game. We should pick up some beer on the way, though.”

“I don’t drink beer.”

Paul shrugged. “So? We’ll get you a soda or something.”


Amy screamed again. Now on her back and with the man’s face buried between her legs.

The sheets were silver in colour and silky against her sweating skin. The bed table light was on the lowest level.

He looked up at her and smiled. “It’s like you never…”

“Oh shut up and get back to work,” she said in a low sultry voice. Picking up the pillow on the bed beside her she playfully hit him in the head with it.

“Yes, m’lady.” He laughed and returned to his duty.

She lifted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder to pull him closer.

20 years ago…


She snapped awake. Blinking her eyes open, the sound of the baby crying snapped her to attention.

“Could you…” Paul’s voice drifted off.

Her feet slipped out over the side of the bed. She slid her feet into white puffy slippers and stood. Her pajama bottoms covered to her ankles. She slipped an arm out of her top.

As she walked around the bed to the door she whispered to Paul, “Don’t get up.”

Paul snored and rolled his ball of a body over to her, now empty, side of the bed.


Amy studied the shape and colour of what was grasped in her right hand. With the tip of her finger she traced the veins along it. “I’ve never seen one up this close before.”

The man gasped. “Use your tongue…about time you tasted one.”

She smiled before following his instruction.

10 years ago…

Amy kissed Paul’s neck and reached between his legs. “I read about something called oral sex…”

Paul swatted her hand away. His voice smelled of beer as he spoke, “I’m tired.”


Amy pulled on his ass as she felt the first spasm. “Holy fuck!” She was still on her back, her legs wrapped around him and locked at the ankles.

His hips continued to grind into her. A smile appeared on his lips as he watched Amy squirm.

She surprised herself with her own strength as she pushed him off, rolled him on to his back and quickly mounted him once again.

Four years ago…

The police officer led them down the gray hall.

A slim man in a suit met them at the door. “I’m Detective Peters,” he said in a grim voice. “I am so sorry but we need to identify…”

Paul, with beer on his breath, interrupted, “Can we get this over with?” His open leather jacket showed a sweat stained white tee shirt under covering his large belly. The white tee was untucked in order to hide the rolling of his blue jean waistband.

Amy looked up at the two men and clutched her small purse tightly against her blue rain coat. Her dress was black, as though in anticipation.

Peters opened the door and allowed them into the room.

The walls were the same gray as the hallway. A few gurnies with white sheets draped over the shapes of bodies. Two men in lab coats sat in the corner sipping coffee.

Peters led them to one in the middle and slowly lifted the sheet.

Amy’s hands shot to her face as she cried out, “Marsha!”

Paul nodded. “That’s our daughter.”

Peters replaced the sheet. “I’m sorry.”

Amy turned to lay her head on Paul’s shoulder. “Oh, Paul.”

“You should have known what she was up to.” Paul pushed her away and walked back to the door.

Amy stood confused.

Peters walked around the table and put his arm around her shoulders to help support her. With his free hand he pulled out a business card and offered it to her. “If there is anything I can do, Mrs…”

She sobbed once. “Amy, I’m Amy.”

He gave her a caring smile. “Amy. I’m Greg, and if you ever need an ear.”

She took the card. “Thank you.”


She rode her stallion harder this time. Faster, slamming down on to him enough that her thighs slapped his with a slight painful twinge.

“Cum with me this time,” he said and helped her regulate her speed.

One day ago…

“Amy? I’m off.”

Amy sat on the couch as Paul walked past her carrying a duffle bag. She gave him a small smile. “Have fun. Don’t drink too much at the game.”

He bent down and gave her a quick peck. “Love ya.” He disappeared out the door before she moved.

“See you Wednesday,” she said to an empty house.

Amy sat and looked at the room. Two graduation pictures were on the wall to her left. In front of her the wall was adorned by her and Paul on their wedding day, a family picture of them with the three teenagers, random school pictures through the years of two boys and one girl, pictures of both boys weddings and one picture of her first grandson.

She stood and padded out of the room and up the stairs. She wandered into the office and sat at the computer. Wiggling the mouse, the screen sprung to life. She clicked on the internet icon and quickly pulled up Facebook on the screen.

A smile appeared as she saw a message waiting for her.


She collapsed on to him and her breath heaved in and out. “Oh my God,” she whispered into his chest.

He chuckled. “It’s Greg, actually. Keep calling me God and it might go to my head.” He kissed her forehead.

She continued clutching him as the warmth past. Her lips lay against the detective’s shoulder.

“Amy? Darling?”

She propped her chin on his chest. “Yeah?”

“Was this your first orgasm?”

She grinned. “Yeah.” She pouted at him. “Please, sir, may I have some more?”


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