Smoldering View

Her hair was red as flames behind her as he watched it being blown in the wind from across the street.

Phil waited patiently for his bus on his corner.  His eyes, even from this distance locked with her’s.  He imagined how it would be…

…their bodies intertwined and wrapped in the sweat of their passion as they attempted to push deeper into one another.  Her legs wrapped around him as he pounded into her drilling deeper and deeper again and again.  His tongue tasting her tangy flow and bringing moans of joy from her lips.  Her lips taking him inside to the wet warmth of her mouth before sharing his own liquids for her to share with him and swallow.  They would spend weekends together, only stopping to catch breath, eat and relieve themselves…otherwise they would simply enjoy each other’s pleasure and passion for the flesh.  They would fall asleep with her red hair wrapped around his fading erection and her breath still warm on his loins.  They would wake with renewed energy and fuck like gods until they were too hungry to continue…and then feed each other only to lead to another fucking on the kitchen table.

Phil decided to wait no longer and stepped from his bus stop.

The squeal of brakes and a bus going the other direction stopped, blocking his view.

Disappointed, Phil watched his flame as she got on to the bus and walked towards the back.  She sat and glanced out the window towards him…eyes locked, once again, and her palm touched the steamy cold window just as the bus drifted away.


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