Twisted Winter

This parking lot is gray. The clouds mask the sun above and not even a hint of snow is anywhere to be seen.

What type of winter is this? This cannot be Canada. This is not my beloved home.

This should be the time of year that, in a parking lot such as this, any car with steamed windows should be assumed to be housing some form of sexual activity. Without the steamed windows, there can be no pointing and laughing.

This sucks. Everything looks dirty as there was just enough snowfall last week for the big trucks to lay salt on the roads and which makes it as though a mud blanket were thrown over buildings, cars, and small dogs. At least when the snow flies and stays it tends to clean things up and hide the litter around the bus stops or the condoms dropped in the parking lot.

This is a depressing winter. Too warm to be depressed for the right reasons and too cold to go out in the sun and whine about it.

Of course most do not like frigid temperatures and, even with this mild winter experience, still complain. Forget the fact that this is, potentially, the best example of global warming…but next year will be back to normal with temps in the negative twenties and people stating cliches such as “Where’s your global warming now?”

These are the same folk that will bitch about rationing of water when, due to lack of snowfall this winter they cannot water their lawns in the summer.

Perhaps they think water grows on trees.

For the record, it does not really matter why global warming is happening. Perhaps we cannot do anything beyond riding out the wave of it. However, those claiming it does not exists are simply hiding under the covers.

There is a reason for winter. Mother Nature, in order to keep life on this planet, requires the colder months to reload the required moisture, for one thing.

The circle of life is always seen as birth, life, death, and ground into ashes where there is birth again. This is the natural way of things and constant warmth messes this up.

Perhaps this is what is missing from the economic systems even…the cycle. If Capitalism stopped trying for constant growth, there would be less corruption. If Socialism stopped assuming that birth is enough of a reason to be granted all rights, there would be stronger creativity and individual growth. If taxes were not akin to the consistency of death…

Regardless, this has been the worst winter in recent memory. Bring on the snow already!

“We’re not gonna take it
No, we ain’t gonna take it
We’re not gonna take it
– Twisted Sister

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