It’s cold, he thought as he shifted under his duvet in the dark room.

The full moon shot a little light in through the blinds, but not much. Shadows danced about the apartment along the walls around the bed as cars passed on the street below the apartment.

She was gorgeous, he recalled. Thoughts of the brunette photographer brought a smile to his shadowed face.

“It’s a typical day in the neighborhood,” squawked the voice of Dexter on the television.

All she had wanted was a naked shot of him. She wanted to take that one piece of him that was leaving nothing covered, yet she had not touched him…beyond taking it out of his pants at his instruction.

He wondered if she would be back in the concrete square around the offices tomorrow. If she would be off in the distance, once again taking long shots of him with her big camera.  A chuckle escaped as the words “penis envy” crossed his mind.

It was a big camera, or at least a big lens on it.

He pulled the black hat down on his head to cover her eyes and allowed further whispers from Dexter and his colleagues to sing him to sleep.

He stepped out onto the wet pavement in front of his office.  His three-piece suit was black…as was his trench coat…as was his fedora.  Leaning back against the corner of the building, he slipped a cigarette from his pocket and rolled it between the tip of his thumb and middle finger.  He did not smoke, but always carried them as a reminder of things from his past…his misspent youth…his limited mortality…how his mother had died.

“Hey, Chuck!”

He looked over and saw the familiar redhead he worked with walking up with her long skirt swishing around the stiletto boots beneath.  “Petra, how are you?”

She was short…very short.  Her body had its share of curves as well.  “I’m good.  Just figuring I’d grab a bit.”

Chuck nodded and looked around.

“Would you want to get some lunch?”

Chuck saw her off in the distance with the camera for a face and curly brunette hair.


“Oh, sorry.”  He smiled.  “I brought my lunch, but thanks.”

Petra’s shoulders slumped.

Chuck knew she had a long-standing crush on him and had never taken advantage of it…until now.  “You up for an adventure?”

Her green eyes searched him for an answer before agreeing, “Um…sure.”

Chuck grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him.  “Follow me.”  He checked over his shoulder and the photographer followed as well from one hundred paces back.

The sun poked through the clouds overhead and steam began to rise from the street puddles with the quick warming.

“In here,” Chuck said and pulled Petra through a gate into a back lot.  He pulled her along the back of the white stucco building and pushed her lightly against the wall.

“Oh?” Petra protested.

Chuck then leaned into her and kissed her closed mouth.  He felt a pang of concern that this was not going to work on two fronts…the first ended when he heard the creak of the gate and caught sight of the photographer coming through in his peripheral.

The second ended when Petra said, “Oh!”  She then grabbed the lapels of his trench coat and pulled him down to her.  Her mouth was open for this kiss.

Chuck quickly lifted Petra’s skirt with one hand, and tugged his zipper down with the other.  Next he lifted Petra up and slipped his cock quickly inside of her.

Petra wrapped her booted legs around him.  Too short to get all the way around, her knees hung on each of his hips.

Chuck slammed into her and smiled hearing the distant clicking of the camera.  He was surprised that Petra had not noticed.  A quick check over his shoulder and he could see the photographer hidden in the shadows of a dumpster twenty feet back or so.

“Fuck, yes,” Petra whispered into his chest as she accepted his pounding.

Chuck pulled out of her and pulled back.  “On your knees,” he hissed and turned to lean against the wall himself.  “Get on your fucking knees.”

Petra smiled and lifted her dress up so as not to kneel on it.  Her boots came up past her knees and protected her from getting them dirty or scraped on the cement.

More pictures were taken of the redhead swallowing his erection.  She licked it all from his balls to the little army like helmet of it.  She even slipped the tip of a finger into his ass as she sucked him harder before taking his cum on her face.

Before they parted, she kissed him once more.  “Glad you didn’t get it in my hair…this time.”  She hurried out the gate.

Chuck turned and looked back towards the dumpster.

The photographer was gone.

Chuck’s shoulders slumped in his disappointment and he returned to his office.  He walked along the street and found no sign of the brunette.  Into the building and up three flights of stairs to his office.

The email icon was blinking on his computer as he sat in his office.

He ignored it and looked out the window at the, once again, cloudy sky that began to spit rain on its victims below.  Finally focusing, he called up his email program.

A single email awaited from a name he did not recognize, “Mina”.

Chuck felt a twinge of electricity go through him.

The email had an attachment listed as well.

Chuck opened the file and gasped with the first shock of a close up of his cock showering Petra’s face with cum.  A smile spread across his lips at the single line of words that were beneath the picture.

“I want this.”


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