Mina pulled lightly on the handcuffs causing the chain to jingle that was around the slats of the bed frame.

Sun blazed in through the large window of her apartment and light the room up with heat.

Mina’s brunette hair was matted to her head from sweat. Sweat also trickled off his bare belly and legs below. Each ankle was tied to a bed post, leaving her legs spread and giving her body an upside-down “Y” shape with her arms chained above her head.

A car horn honked outside.

Mina’s camera was on a tripod at the foot of the bed. The camera shutter snapped a new photo of the naked bound woman every twenty seconds.

“Hello?” Mina called before pulling on her restraints again. Nothing was going to release her.

Then he appeared, black Fedora and all. His tall naked form leaned up against the door frame. The shadow of the Fedora covered most of his face. His skin was very pale except for two tattoos, one on his left shoulder of a laughing skull with a flame behind it, and his right should had a celtic knot that went all the way around it.

“What are you doing?” Mina asked him. Her eyes found his erection was even larger than she remembered. The size of it both scared and pleased her at the same time.

In his left hand he carried a flogger. He took a single step in and closed the door behind him.

Mina struggled against her bindings, still to no avail.

Birds chirped again as he move silently up beside the bed. He knelt on the mattress beside her putting them both in view of the happily snapping camera.

“Please…” Mina whimpered. She could not decide how to finish her request however, unsure if she wanted this to stop or continue.

The shadowed face produced a smile as the tip of his erection was dragged from her hip up to her chest and stopped on the under-flesh of her right breast. With one hand he grasped his penis and lifted the tip to circle it around her hardening nipple.

“Please…” Mina whispered this time. Her body starting to arch for the electricity she felt in his touch.

His hand released his erection and drifted between her breasts. Giving each nipple a tight pinch, it drifted lower. The flogger followed a similar path along her chest and past her navel.

Mina sighed at his touch. Her excitement grew as his hand went lower on her.

“What do you want from me?” his question was whispered. His hand stopped on moved to her hip with the flogger continuing past. He lifted a leg up and straddled her leaving her with no view other than his ass and back.
Mina gasped at feeling the end of the flogger between her legs as the rope end was slid along her thighs and against her pussy.

“What do you want from me?” his voice asked in baritone.

Mina almost cried out as the flogger was replaced by the feeling of his other hand. She smiled at his fingers spreading her open.

“What do you want from me?” his question was still calm but louder. He dropped the flogger to one side.

With her pussy lips spread open, she felt his other hand push inside of her. “Oh…” escaped from her lips. She was unsure how far, but it felt as though his entire hand was inside her.

“What do you want from me?” he roared the question.

“Everything,” she whispered.

He pulled his hands off of her before turning around and kneeling between her legs. “Was that so hard?”

Mina shook her head and tears drained from her eyes.

“This will be hard, though.” He grasped his erection with his left hand. With his right he, again, spread her pussy lips open. He aimed and moved forward.

Mina’s light cry of pleasure escaped as she felt the head touch the flesh of her pussy.

He brushed the tip of his cock along her lips. Pushing from the top and past the clitoris before finding the warm entrance. He stopped with the tip just nestled against the opening. “Shall I continue?”

“Please…” was the gasp that escaped her.


Mina awoke from the sneeze. She was sweating beneath the numerous sheets and blankets.

The tissue box beside her bed was now empty. The clock radio blinked that it was almost dinner time.

This morning she had phoned in sick to work before taking the cold meds and crawling back into bed. The cold meds always gave her interesting dreams.

The knock on her apartment door startled her. She had not, obviously, let anyone in through the security system downstairs. She lifted the covers off of her and stood slowly with the long pink nightie swishing around her ankles. She pulled her white house coat off of the chair beside the bed and wrapped herself in it.

The sun had already gone down enough to make the apartment mostly dark.

She padded to the door and saw no one through the spy hole. Turning the dead bolt, she slowly opened the door and peered out into the hall. She saw nothing towards the elevators.

On the ground, however, was a kraft paper bag and a white styrofoam cup.

Mina crouched to check. The cup was hot. Lifting the lid, even through her stuffed nose, she caught the aroma of chicken soup. In the bag was about twelve pieces of fruit mixed between bananas, apples and oranges. She took one last look towards the elevator before taking her gifts inside and closing the door and re-locking the dead bolt.

Then he appeared, black Fedora and all. His tall form leaned up against the wall in the opposite direction from the elevators. His black suit and trench coat swished as he walked down the hall. The grin on his face was the silliest he could ever remember as he went to the elevators.

Mina caught sight of him through the spy hole.

As he passed, his head turned to her door for one look and then he was gone.

Mina felt his gaze on her. “Please,” she whispered.

Did he know she was watching?

She pulled back and leaned against the door, smiling herself. Just as she heard the muffled elevator chime announce its arrival to take him away, she sneezed again.

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