I Can’t Dance

“I can’t dance

I can’t sing

I’m just standing here selling everything.”

– Genesis, I Can’t Dance

“I don’t get it.”

“Get what?” Heather asked as she pulled his shirt open sending buttons from his red shirt spraying off into the darkened room.

“Do short, bald British singers make you horny or something?”  Gary stood still awaiting phase two of the onslaught.

Heather stopped for a moment.  Her straight brunette hair swayed at her shoulders as her green eyes searched his face.  “What, you don’t want to fuck?”

“I didn’t say that.”  He grabbed her navy sweater and quickly pulled it over her head.  Gary was surprised how lucky it was that the sweater had not caught on one of her earrings.

“Then shut the fuck up.”   She ripped his shirt down his arms leaving him bare chested except the black neck tie that dangled.

Gary spun her around and pushed her against the wall.  “So what is it about this song then?”  He tugged at the zipper on her black skirt and yanked it past her hips.

Heather turned back and grasped his fly.  “Oh, I don’t know.  Maybe short, bald British singers do it for me.”

They both laughed.

Heather pulled and tugged until all either of them were wearing was black underwear…and his neck tie.  She dropped to her knees and took the waistband of his shorts in her mouth and quickly pulled them down.

Gary’s erection sprang up and almost got her in the eye, bringing more laughter from them.

Heather grasped it in her left hand and sucked the tip into her mouth just as the song ended.  Her shoulders slumped with the quiet in the room and her pace slowed.  “Damn,” she whispered and hugged her face into his groin where her lips gave the side of his shaft a light kiss.

“No worries,” Gary said with a broad smile.

The music started again with the familiar keyboard sounds of percussion.  Quickly the voice of Phil Collins returned…

Young punk he spill his beer on my shoes

Fat guy talking to me tryin’ to steal my blues…

Heather smiled as stood.  She pulled Gary by the neck tie over to the bed.  Laying down and spreading her legs without letting go of the tie, her tongue danced with his as she pulled him down.

Gary smiled even wider.  “Better, though.  This is the extended version.”


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