Acceptance of Mediocrity

It is funny how we claim that the state is “dumbing down” our children and society in general.

Perhaps the error is that we finally realize it, as opposed to simply excepting the spoon fed politics and religion that we have accepted for centuries.

I read a recent article in the Toronto Star…and considering the severe left wing nature of the Toronto Star, I have an issue admitting to such things, but I did read it.  It was talking about how movies are no longer extraordinary…but instead, they are simply “good enough”.

Took my oldest daughter to a film today for a little one-on-one time…she is more a diva than her younger sister, so we chose The Artist.  Fascinating film…a silent film in the 21st Century…but still did not feel extraordinary to me.  I bet it wins best picture, however…just a hunch…it was certainly good enough.

Not sure this applies exclusively to Oscar nominated films.  Music…books…life…

How many years have women faked orgasms because it was “good enough” for them?

I am not certain that women realize the power they have over men and this last point always leaves me scratching my head.  Men would bend over backwards if that is what it took…but women, being the peace keepers they are, decide to let us off the hook.  Apparently orgasm and pleasure is not as important as other things they feel they need that keeping their man happy will provide.

I understand how and why this is…but how unfortunate.

To take this part of the metaphor to it’s obvious point…the female orgasm is not easy to achieve…but we guys are fucking lazy bastards that tend to only think of ourselves.

I’d like to make her orgasm…perhaps it’s my feminine side, but so be it.

Perhaps this mediocrity acceptance comes from our acceptance of limits.  As a general rule of thumb, we all need to set our limits…our boundaries…and in some respect, absolutely…but perhaps it is time to cut off the thumb that we use to make that rule.

Use the threesome example on these limits.  All guys love the idea of a threesome with most thinking of two women at his whim…but what happens when it is two guys?  Are the two guys going to set limits that will preclude an extraordinary experience?

I had a woman once tell me that two guys kissing was one of the hottest images she could see.  Again, were it not for women already giving into men on other things…just imagine how more liberal men would be sexually if we accepted this.

Mediocrity is, simply put, caused by tradition.  Tradition over rides things like progress and change because, apparently…fucked up as they were, those who came before knew better than we do now.

As George Carlin once said…

The status quo sucks!

Accepting the status quo means we suck…and not in a good way.  By good way, I mean those nasty blowjobs with lots of saliva that drive we dudes insane…and back to an earlier point, blowjobs are not gender specific, and yet we limit ourselves because someone told us to.  We claim to believe it is wrong or awkward because our parents told us it is wrong or awkward…not because we know any difference.

The only limits we should adhere to are the laws of physics.  We cannot walk through walls…well, not yet…but mental limits are likely more dangerous than any physical barrier.

So…how do we solve this?

Fucked if I know…we’re all too busy striving for the next mediocre orgasm to worry about solving it…thus the paradox of mediocrity being good enough.

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  1. “mental limits are likely more dangerous than any physical barrier”
    A big “ayep!” there… perspective colours everything, and when we are set limits by another’s limited perspective it is rarely a good thing…

    ~Kazi xxx


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