Aftermath of Darkness

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…July 1, 2012…04h00

The music of Michael Giacchino filled the room with space opera from the 2009 Star Trek soundtrack as Holly turned the stereo knob for some volume.  Not too loud, but enough that whispering was not an option.  The top of the windows allowed for light to filter in from nearby streetlights, though softened by the blizzard currently falling to the street for its rest.

“Holy shit!” Jake kicked at the plastic wrap on the floor with his black army boot.  “What the fuck were they doing?”

Holly picked up some of the empty plastic water bottles that crinkled as she held them against her chest.  “Nana was suspended using wrap.  Carlos even called for applause from the onlookers.  Where the hell were you?”

Jake shrugged and raised his long arms over his head.  His hands ran through his blonde hair, so buzz-cut that it almost made him appear bald with his full beard offering more hair on his face than on his head.  “I think I was upstairs with Mandy.  I don’t remember this.”  His black shirt and jeans dripped of sweat.

Holly’s red hair fell in front of her face as she bent to pick up another plastic bottle.  Her pale chest was only covered by a sweat stained white bra.  “Were the condoms in the bathroom yours?”  Her long gothic black skirt dragged along the floor as she moved.

Jake bent over and pulled the corset-like piece of hardened stretch-wrap off the floor.  “What condoms?  CONDOMS?  Fuck, no, they didn’t, did they?”

Her green eyes grinned at him along with a bright smile.  “I already plunged.”

Holding the wrap in his left hand, Jake pointed at Holly.  “This was your idea.”

“You didn’t want to go to other people’s swinger parties.”  Holly’s heels clacked on the stone floor as she walked to the recycling.


“You didn’t want to go to play parties all over the city, either.”


“You wanted to invite everyone into our house.”

“Yeah, but…”

She shrugged.  “I don’t see the downside when we get paid for this.”

He stomped his black sneaker on the stone floor and immediately regretted it when the pain shot up through his leg causing him to yelp when it go to his bruised ass.

“Mandy flogged you well, I see,” Holly said through a laugh.

Stretching to the floor and laying his palms upon it eased the pain quickly.  “Yeah,” he said with a muffled voice.  “My wife wasn’t going to do it.”


“What the fuck does that even mean?”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know…touch, I suppose.  Speaking of touch, where is Mandy?”

Chuckling, he walked over to the stereo and turned it down.  Snoring could be heard from up on the balcony overhead.

Holly laughed.

Jake turned the music back up.  “What about Karen and Bob?  You were playing with them, right?”

“Yeah, I don’t think Mandy is sleeping alone up there.”

Dropping the wrap into the garbage, he walked into the small room that subbed as their kitchen when parties were not going on.  A mop and full bucket rested beside the refrigerator that he quickly wheeled out and started to work over the floor.  “At least no one was hurt in the making of this party.”  He grabbed the chain dangling closest to him and tugged.  “These babies worked.”

The main floor had four suspension points with chains all hanging from a twelve by twelve piece of hard maple lumber that ran the length of the room.

Holly walked over to the middle of the floor and wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck.  “No, this is a good thing but won’t always be the case.”  She pulled him down so their tongues could exchange numbers.  “Fuck, you’re tall.”

“Six-seven, baby.

“Yeah, and if we ever have that kid it will confuse the fuck out of it with me at four-ten.”

They kissed through another laugh.

“Mmmm, oh yeah.”  Jake pointed up and continued, “There was a guy I was talking to tonight.  Tom, I think, and we were up there on the balcony.  He was, of all bloody things, looking at the woodwork.”

Karen pulled back and released the latch on her bra.

He smiled.  “Talk of wood get’s you hot?”

“No, you get me hot.  But please, continue.”

“Well, he said that one piece of wood up there, the one we used for the suspension points…”

She looked up.  “Yup.”

“He says that one piece is worth more than a year’s rent here.”

“Really.  I’m fascinated.”  Holly grabbed Jake’s crotch and knelt before him.

“I’m sorry, am I boring you.”

“No,” she said shaking her head and pulling down his zipper.  “Please, tell me more.”

“Well the guy was just fascinated by the wood work in the…oh, fuck yeah…”


“Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

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