Who is She?

Saturday morning in bed and the want is strong to cuddle into her back for that warmth and kiss her neck. Then to slip into something more comfortable…perhaps a brunette.

These Saturday and Sunday morning sleep-in failures are the worst. Sleeping alone might be more comfortable, but waking alone is not as pleasant.

The libido is a funny thing. It strengthens the longer singledom engulfs this life. Longest stretch of being single since before the very first girlfriend…and that was the 80s.

The last year, the term “switch” has become more and more prevalent in thoughts…but oddly not where sex is concerned as the inner dom has strengthened slowly…and thanks to recent trust issues, that dom has spiked recently. The “switch”, however is more in the whom she is. The ability to mold to her lifestyle whether she is farm girl or city princess…whether she is domme or sub…age is irrelevant…race is irrelevant…So long as she is honest…

She is no one. She is everyone. On these wake up mornings, she should be in this bed for that slow sensual screw…the one that should be legislated on weekend mornings…or any other morning. Instead of her, all of Twitterfolk end up cuddled in bed and fun as it is, not the same.

So, who is she? Who is the one that should feel the stirrings of that morning orgasm? Who would be the perfect goddess to join the Stranded team?

Everyone dances around the politically correct and claim that looks do not matter. Having already mentioned honesty above…bullshit. Looks are not the only thing but are part of the package.

On waking this morning the mind’s eye saw her breathing softly. In the morning light it is hard to see but her hair is either brunette or red. With sheets covering her up to chest, height is not an issue. Her breasts are perfect…not too big (and yes, there are too big) nor too small. Her body shape has gorgeous curves.

Leaning in to wake her with a neck kiss…a quick vampiric nibble and her gorgeous eyes flutter open. The eyes that a man can get lost in for weeks…colour is irrelevant but they are like crystals that blaze with heat.

The waking process includes her stretching her neck offering more for that initial bite. One of her hand is still holding between my legs as she know the pleasure it gives to fall asleep and wake with her hand grasping the penis that will pleasure her.

Her morning stretch groans are quickly gone and replaced with a come hither smile. Releasing the now erect penis she turns away and the spooning begins with that penis slowly pushing into her as she spreads her legs just enough to allow entrance into the warmth and wet. Both bodies move together as one. One of her hands interlaced with mine and her other hand on my hip…my other hand either playing lightly with a breast or gently pulling her hair or even gently stroking her neck. More neck kisses and the light sighs and moans begin.

Then the animals take over as she flips around and rises into the straddling cowgirl. My one hand still interlaced with hers for balance…my other now playing with her clit for unbalance. Her other hand on my chest for leverage as she rides us both to orgasm. A screaming cry out and she collapses on top to catch her breath.

She rolls back onto her side, hand returning to rest on the resetting erection. Her turn to kiss my shoulders and neck as she cuddles in with that smile…

…the smile that says neither of us will be wearing clothing today beyond perhaps, a housecoat. No one will leave this bed for any reason beyond restroom, a light breakfast and lunch, and the pizza delivery (thus why the housecoat might be required as accepting pizza delivery while naked could be awkward).

Thus starts the day with her…

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