Erection Time Again

No, not a typoh. Apparently my southern neighbors are back into election mode and this note is about a much more important question.

I have asked this twice on Twitter this week and have yet to get a proper answer. The question is:

If the erection lasts more than four hours and no Viagra was involved…then what happens?

Do 72 virgins come out to play?
Is a guy left with his own best hand?
Is there a support group?

Much fun as a four hour erection might be, even a goddess would tire of playing with it…suggesting group sex or a poly-network may be the solution for such difficult and trying times.

Okay, the 72 virgins was exaggeration but imagine Al Michael’s doing the *ahem* blow-by-blow coverage.

“…and now Emma, the brunette with the snake tattoo is on him and sheeeee…TAKES him in!”

One final note on the virgins…I have always been a fan of more experienced…dare I say I am now a huge fan of “The Ethical Slut” and have little use for one virgin, never mind 72.

More seriously, what single female would want to deal with an erection for four hours…unless she had some scientific goal in mind, perhaps wanting to prove Robin Williams hypothesis that male blood can only fuel one head at one time. Then again, four hours of thinking with the little head is not unusual for a guy…erect or not.

Considering how the erection is, generally deemed as unacceptable still…when is the last time an erect penis was shown in a Hollywood blockbuster? …even covered, not often.

An erect penis is meant to be played with. It cries out for women to grab hold, stroke, ride and hang on…is it not? Or for other guys if one so swings that way.

A woman (or, again, so inclined men) should be proud of every she rides as that erection was created for her.

Every man should be thankful for anyone who plays with his erection…thankful that they could give him such pleasure whether by hand or lips or whatever.

And let us be honest…any man claiming to have never tasted his own cum is lying. All have tried. Most more than once. Quite a number would love to have some shared with them after ejaculating into the lover’s mouth.

Seems this note has gone completely off the initial track and…in truest Monty Python-esque style, it ends here as it won’t get any better…


  1. That’s what cold spoons are for…

    One of my patients in a community residence was on Viagra for a time… on the med sheet in special instructions someone actually wrote “if erection lasts more than four hours call (nurse Kazi)” !!!!!!!

    Seriously, priapism can be a medical emergency…

    ~Kazi xxx


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