Driving Rain

Inspired by a friend…
The sun drifted behind the blackening clouds.  Even in its shroud it still lifted steam off the pavement with the massive summer heat from the earlier rain.  The ground, however, prepared to accept what would be a proper watering.

The couple, however, were oblivious to the weather.  With the darkness and lightning flashes, in fact, they craved more elements.

The truck stereo blared the words of Pink Floyd from the open windows…“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day…”

Stacy lay on a blanket at the edge of the truck bed lined in black.  Her shoulder length straight brunette hair dangled as she propped herself up on her elbows.  Her white blouse was open, and bra was removed to allow her plump breasts to catch the first splashes of water from the storm.  Her black skirt was pushed above her hips.  Her black leather knee boots currently rested on his shoulders, one on each side of his head.

Bruce also had an open white dress shirt that was now getting soaked through as the rain intensity increased, and a black neck-tie that still dangled along his bare dripping chest.  His black slacks and belt were unleashed and down to his thighs revealing the top of thick hairy legs.  His short brown-gray hair was now black in wet as well.  The only part of either one of them not getting rained on was his erection…still wet, however, as it was being thrust in and out of Stacy.

“Holy fuck, that is awesome,” Megan cooed.

“What?” Ollie pulled his head from under her long skirt to look at what she was talking about.

Megan’s face was framed in red hair as she gasped from what Ollie had been doing.  Her red lips were painted like blood on her pale skin and her green eyes like jewels.  “The couple in the truck is fucking.”

“How can you see in the truck?” Ollie raised his bald head so his eyes were just above the dashboard.  Turning around, he took in the scene that was directly opposite them in the parking lot.  “Holy fuck, yeah.  And here we are hiding.”

Megan laughed.  “Break is over.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Ollie returned to work his tongue between her thighs with his head buried under her navy skirt.

Megan moaned lightly as she watched the behemoth pounding the fuck who ever owned the pair of stiletto boots that were on either side of his head.

On the truck, Stacy screamed her pleasure  and rain poured into her mouth.  Her ass slammed into the man with his cock between her legs as he thrust faster and faster and harder and harder.

Bruce stopped and pulled his erection from her.  He crawled onto the truck bed beside Stacy and waited on his knees.

Megan watched through another of her own moans as the brunette held the massive man’s erection steady with one hand and sucked it into her mouth.  “Ollie!  She’s giving him a blowjob.”

“That’s great,” was Ollie’s muffled offering.

Megan’s moan was almost bark-like this time as Ollie licked at her clit.

In the truck, Bruce’s erection exploded cum into Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy smiled up at him as the rain quickly rinsed her face of some semen that dripped down her chin.  “My turn,” she whispered and lay back again with her legs spread.

Bruce did not need further instruction as he went down to dip his tongue inside her just as lightning flashed again.

Megan screamed again as her orgasm spilled onto Ollie’s face.

Ollie made little work, licking it all up before any mess got away.

The rain began to let up and the sun peeked back out from the dark clouds for just a moment.

Stacy was amazed Bruce could breathe with how deep his face was pushed between her legs.  She glanced off her left shoulder at a quick flash of sun in a puddle when she caught sight of the open-mouthed redhead in the car across the lane.  “Bruce, darling.  We have an audience.”

Bruce laughed and released her from the clutches of his mouth.  Lifting Stacy as though she were a feather, he flipped her onto her hands and knees in front of him.  Turning to lock eyes with Megan in the car, he pushed his renewed erection deep into Stacy again.

Stacy howled with delight at feeling his sword pierce her.

Megan gasped at the sight.

Bruce held one arm towards Megan and curled his finger for her to come hither.

Megan’s eyes widened.  “Ollie…Ollie…Ollie…”

Ollie’s head popped up.  “What the fuck?”

“He wants us to join him.”

Bruce saw the bald head pop above the dashboard in the rain drenched Civic and he laughed again.  His sun tattoo on his shoulder was clearly visible through his soaked white shirt as he smacked his forehead and continued to fuck Stacy from behind.  “Seems we have a foursome,” he told her.

Stacy looked over at the car.  “No fucking way.  I’m not doing him.  He looks like a fucking wimp.”

Bruce shrugged.  “Suit yourself, I’ll do her if…”

The Civic’s squealing tires cut him off as the other couple escaped the scene.

Both Bruce and Stacy laughed together.

“Chicken shits,” Bruce said before reaching down to cup Stacy’s breasts and drive more deeply into her.

Stacy screamed again as she felt another stream of cum ejaculating into her.

Bruce, waiting until his orgasm pulses finished, pulled out and quickly dropped low to suck what he could from her pussy.

Stacy quickly found her next orgasm as the cum was drained from her.

Both bodies collapsed into a drenched snuggle together in the truck bed.

“We need to do this more often, babe,” Bruce said and kissed her forehead.

Stacy grinned and nodded to the empty parking spot where the Civic had squealed from.  “I want an audience to stay through the whole show next time.”

Bruce chuckled.  “I want them to join in.”

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