Little Black Dress

“Air ducts? Honey,” she called back over her shoulder. “Do we need to get the ducts cleaned?”

No answer from behind her.

Heather turned with a cute grin. “Guess Tom is out getting the barbecue ready.”. Her long straight red hair swayed as she spoke. Her petite body pushed her tiny shoulders up in a half hearted shrug. Her little black dress rose with the shrug, accidentally showing a flash of pale skin above the top of her stockings to the working man.

“Ma’am,” the beast at the door said. “I can have it done within an hour if you like. His olive skin sparkled in the early evening sunshine. His brown eyes, even from a full step lower, looked down at her.

Heather shrugged again and stepped back. “Okay. Come on in…ah…”

“Manny,” he answered with a smile and stepped in. On level footing he was almost two feet taller than she.

The dining table could be seen up the split level of stairs. Red unlit candles and two plates with cutlery adorned it. Sunlight slatted through blinds in the unseen living room giving black jail cell bars on one burgundy wall.

Heather leaned back against the hallway door and looked towards the table. “Tom should be back in just…”

Manny made his move with such swift quiet nature that the house cat was impressed. He dropped to his knees in front of her and his hands pushed quickly up and beneath her black dress and above the top of her stockings. Discovery of commando brought a smile.

Heather gasped, her hands shooting flat against the wall behind her. “Ah…Mr. Manny, I’m a married…oh fuck, right there…”

His right pointer finger pushed deep into her pussy lips. “I said I would be quick.”

Her voice dropped very deep, “Fuck me, that you did.”

He grasped her legs and lifted her, resting a thigh on each of his shoulders. His lips quickly found the spot his finger already had and his tongue began a second exploration of her vagina.

“Mr. Manny, my husband is…”

“He is busy,” Manny’s muffled voice responded. “He is busy tending to the his dinner meat. I’d rather give you my meat.”

“But, no, you can’t…oh…” She pounded the wall behind her and her voice went deep again, “Oh just shut up and fuck me.”

The beast did just that, lifting Heather’s near feather weight body and placing her knees on the third step. Hand on her hip, he pushed on her back to get her to bend forward.

Heather leaned on the stair landing with her elbows and turned back to watch him unleash what was in his pants. Upon the trousers dropping, she was rather disappointed at the size of what she saw.

Manny lay his knees on either side of her. His hands pushed her black dress above her hips and then spread her pussy open again before pushing his flaccid cock into her.

The disappointment evaporated as Heather felt what she thought was a tiny dick expand into a massive erection inside her. She began to pound back against him.

Manny let a solid hand smack her ass as his balls slapped her clitoris again and again.

“Oh fuck,” Heather grunted.

“Honey?” Tom’s voice questioned from the back door.

Heather froze as she felt Manny’s penis ejaculate inside her. She muffled her own orgasm and answered, “Yeah?”

“Do you want steak sauce? I think it is in the fridge.”

Manny pulled out and quickly did up his pants.

“No, I’m good.” Heather collapsed on the top step as Manny’s cum dripped down her leg.

“Ducts are clean,” Manny whispered. He grabbed a fistful of Heather’s hair and pulled back to expose her neck before kissing it.

“Okay,” Tom called from the door. “Five minutes to dinner. Looking forward to a kiss or two after.”

Manny chuckled.

Heather smacked his chest, and suppressed a grin of her own. She stood up and walked around the beast to the table beside the door. She crouched and opened the drawer to pull out three folded hundred dollar bills. Handing them to the beast, she planted a quick tip toe kiss on him. “Thank you,” she said and gave him the bills.

Manny smiled and slipped out the door.

Tom stepped around the corner in the dining room just as the door closed. “Time for dinner, my love.” His face looked confused. “Who was that?” His baggy blue jeans and drop cloth green tee-shirt were matted in sweat and barbecue grease.

Heather turned with a smile. “Guy wanted to clean our ducts.”

Tom nodded and his eye was caught by the open drawer.

Heather snapped it shut with her knee.

A grin began to grow on Tom’s face. “Ducts? Really?” He nodded sarcastically. “Please tell me you got pictures.”

Heather smiled and stepped up the steps to pull the camera hidden between the candles from its hiding spot. “Of course I did.”

“And he…?”

“Was amazing…but now I want something better.”

Tom’s smile vanished and his tiny wife was quickly lifted as he used her body to clear the contents of the table on to the floor. In one quick motion, his cock filled her as they screamed together.

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