Four Knights, All In A Row

Night One
Stacy giggled as Bruce fumbled with the zipper on her slacks.

“Don’t laugh. We only have a minute.”

Stacy could not believe that she and Bruce, the massive linebacker beast of a man, had fit into the tiny bathroom stall together. “I know, but I want your cock.”

The thump of the bass and beat from the club echoed through the men’s washroom. White faux ivory tiles adorned the walls and black fake marble on the floors. Thick laminate using some bizarre Arborite colour separated the stalls.

Bruce, having dealt with the zipper, pushed her navy slacks down to mid-thigh. His own fly was down in a flash and his erection rested against Stacy’s ass.

Her four-inch boot heels still had her a full head shorter than Bruce. The trick today would be to leave her navy slacks and white blouse without evidence of rifling. She bent forward and leaned on the back of the toilet.

Bruce moved his black tie over his shoulder. Grasping his cock with one hand, Stacy’s left shoulder with the other, and guided the cock between her legs.

Stacy sighed and, knowing no one else was in the washroom, allowed herself a little sound.

“Fuck yeah,” Bruce whispered in her ear as his leg muscles began to slam his cock into her. His own black pants were at his ankles and belt buckle announced how happy it was with a jingle on the floor.

Stacy braced herself, forehead inches from smacking on the tile as she felt the beast pounding his erection into her. Her head was gently pulled back by Bruce, the beast’s hand grasping her brunette hair and pulling with some insistence.

With a grunt, Bruce freed his cock from the clutches of her pussy.

Stacy quickly stood and stepped aside just in time to watch his cock fountaining cum into the toilet basin.

Bruce slumped against the side of the stall after the convulsions finished.

Stacy patted the beast on the shoulder. “Good job.”

Night Two

“The steering wheel makes this awkward,” Stacy said with her words vibrating on Kelvin’s erection.

“I know, but…”

“What would your wife think?”

Kelvin rolled his eyes. “She wouldn’t be impressed.”

Stacy gave a long slow kiss to the tip of his cock.

“I should have gotten a hotel room.”

“I know, eh?” Stacy showed her agreement by taking his cock in her mouth and then tilting her head to blowing the car horn.

“Don’t do that.” Kelvin glanced around to see if anyone noticed.

“Speaking of your wife,” Stacy giggled. “When are we having that threesome?”

Kelvin’s lips formed a smile with thoughts of this question. His hand reached for the back of Stacy’s head and pulled her back onto his cock. “Soon…we need to do that soon.”

Stacy could only provide a muffle, “Uhuh.” Her answer almost caused her to gag on the warm liquid Kelvin then shot into her mouth.

Night Three

Leo’s tongue played between her legs.

Stacy’s petite body squirmed with an arched back and each hand full of sheets as she grasped to hold on. “Fuck, yeah.” She did not notice the run in the sheets the engagement ring, worn directly over her wedding band, had caused. Being it was a hotel, she did not really care, either.

Reaching up to grab a breast, Leo’s nose was covered in Stacy’s juices. His breath was coming in gasps as he continued his mouth exploration of her pussy.

Running her hands through his blonde hair, she propped her head up so she could make eye contact with his bright blue eyes.

Leo stopped and rest his chin on her pelvis.  “I love the red streaks.”

Stacy pushed her hair back.  She had put red streaks in it earlier that day on a whim.  “Thank you.”

“They make you look feisty,” he continued.  Lifting his chin, he started the crawl over top of her with slow confidence.

Stacy lifted her short legs until they were wrapped around him and held in place by his hips.

Leo’s erection, without any assistance, slid deep into her slowly.  He stopped and held it as deep as he could, listening to her cooing moan of pleasure.  Pulling back slowly, he pushed in quicker this time…then again…and again…his balls now slapping her ass as his pace continued to quicken.

Hanging on for her life, Stacy wrapped her arms around his neck and linked her ankles behind him.

Soon Leo was slamming into her over and over to the point where bruises were going to be future visitors to her thighs after this.

Night Four

Stacy stared up at Ivan’s blue eyes.  “I’m so glad you’re home.”

Ivan eyes followed the flow of her brunette curls with the red streaks.  “I like what you have done with your hair.”

She grinned and blinked, waiting for permission to say more.  Her blue skirt was spread beneath her on the floor.  Her white blouse was crushed up against the grey pants Ivan wore.

Ivan smiled down at her, his face red from his black neck tie being slightly too tight.  His white shirt was crisp beneath his black blazer.  “I am so happy to be home as well.”

Stacy snuggled closer and lay her head in his lap.

“So, did you play with Leo this time?”

Stacy giggled and nodded in his lap.

“How about Bruce, the beast?”

“Yes, sir, him as well.”

“You were busy.”

“I fucked Kelvin, too.”  Her eyes turned upwards to him.

His face was pure shock.  “I was only gone three nights.”

Stacy’s face turned red at causing her master shock.  “I’m sorry, I…”

Ivan’s grin quickly announced there was no need to be sorry.  “Did they please you?”

“Yes, but not as you do, sir.”

Ivan sighed and gave a quick nod.  “I wish that were true.”

“Flight four-five-four to Athens will be boarding at gate seventy-two,” announced the overhead speakers.

“The luggage is loaded?”

“Jameson took it to the car, sir.”

“Good.  Come, my darling, we must go.”

Stacy stood quickly and made certain that Ivan was strapped in.  She allowed herself a quick peck on his cheek with a shy grin.

A few airport onlookers pulling their luggage watched as the tiny brunette began pushing the elderly gentleman’s wheelchair.

“In the car, I want to hear every last detail of your time the last few days.”

“But Jameson…”

Ivan snorted.  “Fuck Jameson, he loves the stories too.  You haven’t fucked Jameson yet, have you?”

Stacy giggled.  “No, not yet.  And did I mention I love you?”

The only part of Ivan’s body that could move did as his head lifted for a quick glance at her.  “I love you, too.”

Stacy wheeled him towards the waiting car.

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