1000 Words

I am a writer

Posting pictures on Sunday

Speak more than I do

Sins the eye can see

Come hither and see for self

Looks the eye can give

Makes the writer sad

All they see are images

They don’t want to think

or read

or imagine


  1. It is a fine line in my opinion. If there are 20 posts of 1000 words each…. that is a fuck of a lot of reading. I love readind peoples work but I do have to limit myself sometimes other all I would ever do it read. I am also a very visual person and the poin t of Sinful Suinday was to encourage people to experiment with their camera to create erotic images. I hoped that it would create a positive community in which people felt encouraged and liberated to share what for many can be very challenging images. I think I have gone a little way to doing that.

    On this occassion the eyes have it 😉


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