Man on the Street


Fred gave her ass a quick smack. “It’s a busy road, no one can hear us.”

Esther grasped the chain link fence and bent over further. “Yeah, okay,” she answer in more moan than words.

Fred’s cock slipped between her legs quickly and sloppily from her wetness. His black pants were open and clung to his lower hips. His black jacked and white shirt were so far unstained.

Esther’s black skirt was raised to her own hips with her bare ass except for the string of her panty moved aside for access and the red hand print created from Fred’s smack. Her stockings ended at the thighs and dropped into knee-high black boots.

Fred’s left hand grasped Esther’s left hip as he powered into her like a pinion. “Besides, anyone sees us and we’re givin’ ’em a show.”

“Show must go on,” Esther agreed. It took all her effort to keep her forehead from smashing into the chain links with pump of Fred into her. Her own hunter green cotton blouse was tussled, from Fred feeling her up before all of this.

The sky went suddenly shadowed as a larger random cloud passed in front of the sun. The road was about twenty metres past the corner of the fence they had chosen and cars skimmed along it en route to destinations unknown.

Fred slowed his thrusts, feeling his energy sap. His chest heaved searching for some solid breath and his erection rested, for a moment, inside Esther before he renewed his pace of fucking with his climax beginning to approach.

Esther’s own moans became more of a bark with each thrust as her own orgasm began to boil as well. She bent further and pushed her ass back at him.

Fred pulled out just before and his semen quickly let loose onto the dirt beside them, spilling to the ground. His hand immediately slipped between Esther’s legs to her clit and continued bringing her to orgasm as well.

Esther screamed with delight, but the sound was drowned out by a passing semi.

As the orgasms passed, they both straightened clothes and caught breath. Smiles were exchanged as an awkward silence erupted.

Fred embraced her in a warm bear hug followed by a deep kiss including deep tongue exploration. “Wow,” he whispered.

“Wow, indeed,” Esther agreed.

“Guess we’ll have a second date then, eh?”

Esther nodded. “I think so.”

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