Big Eyes

Her big eyes blinked at me from down there.  She crouches and looked up at me very doe-like with the wide brilliant light coming from them.  The decision as to what order to give, what task to offer, what to feed her…never easy decisions.  The want to pull her hair and thrust my will upon her.  To gently take command and show her what to do while giving her what she needs.

She switches to one knee and goes to work as the leaves rustle their approval.  Her hair flutters with the breeze pushing back her light brunette locks as she works.

I should take her.  Lay her on the grassy knoll, and have my way with her.  Leave her in a whimpering mass of orgasmic pudding with nothing left but catching her breath after taking her to the top of the mountain again and again and again.  Load her on to her knees, push inside, and smack her ass hard enough to leave my mark on her soul.  To take her beyond teaching, beyond the orders and to a new level of pleasure where that first orgasm is like that first drink of water on a sandpapery hot day.

She switches knees without slowing.  Her effort extraordinary and her eyes divine.  Her lips give that smirk that tells me she not only knows what I am thinking, but is currently anticipating my whim.  Expecting my command that will remind her that I am the top…remind me that I am supposed to be powerful.

I try to keep my composure and not give in to the weakness she creates in me.  To trust that I am the one in control and the breeze will not blow me over when my knees buckle from just watching her, never mind knowing what she will do to me.  Those eyes, such innocence mixed with such want, always tug at my libido…a tug-o-war with my calm.

Her eyes shift lower from mine and catch the first rumblings of my erection forming under the fabric of my sweats.  The smirk vanishes and that wanton smile cums quick.

I look away, embarrassed at having lost my sense.

She finishes her work, tugging her shoe laces tight on the sneakers before standing.  “Shall we continue?”  She resumes our activity, jogging in place until I regain my composure.

“Yes,” I answer and turn to continue on our journey.

“Don’t worry,” she says with a wink and reaches over and gives my genital a light squeeze.  “I’ll blow that later, Sir.”



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