Stranded’s Awesome: Redefine Possible on Kilimanjaro

Today I was quite surprised by a corporate event I attended.

There was to be an inspirational speaker names Spencer West.  Spencer, due to disease, lost his legs at a very young age.

Since then, from the way he was talking, if anyone says he can’t do it…well…try again.  All 2’7″, 80 lbs of the man…with biceps that make me cringe…will do whatever he sets his mind out to do.

As such, his story is fascinating…as an exclamation point, however, to his already inspiring story, seven days from today he will be heading to Africa where he and two friends are planning to climb Kilimanjaro…

…curious how long before they check Everest off of their list.

Just an update…Spencer made it to Kilimanjaro’s peak.  Proud to say I’ve met the man.

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