Cause or allow (something, esp. food or drink) to pass down the throat.
  1. An act of swallowing something, esp. food or drink.
  2. A migratory swift-flying songbird (Hirundo and other genera, family Hirundinidae) with a forked tail and long pointed wings, feeding on…
verb.  gulp – devour – engulf – ingest
noun.  gulp – sip – draught

Yeah, this word makes most men hopeful, and no doubt most women roll their eyes.  Why the eye rolls is it falls under the “for me to know and you’re unlikely to find out” category.

A quick show of hands here…when one hears the word “swallow”, how many of you are thinking of birds?


And how many of you are thinking of “spit or…”?  Please…most guys are looking at my friend, Camille Crimson to the right and are likely thinking…yes, please…

As for Camille…she’s got a very lucky boyfriend, is all I am saying for now…and yes, I know…I know…we have avoided full fledged porn on this site until now, but it makes the word play work that much better.  Suck it up!  …and swallow.

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