Stranded’s Awesome: Yoda

Seems I have a cold and have been falling into a drunken stupor without the addition of anything beyond Nyquil the last few evenings.

As such, forgive me…but I will be back.  I had a wonderful story for yesterday’s/today’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, but just did not have the energy.

I did have someone suggesting using my erection as an all-day sucker while I lay on the couch and sneezed…in one sense that sounds wonderful…until I had the image of snot in her hair, but typical…I get a cold and my mind actually leaves the proverbial erotic gutter.

Also, a bit ironic that Toronto hits near 40 C degree temps…for our American siblings, that’s roughly 110 F…and I get a cold.

Oh well…anyhow, I’m sitting here in a house coat with a pillow in my lap.  Nothing more sexy than that, right?…RIGHT???? DON’T FUCK WITH ME!!! Tell me it’s sexy or I might cry.

Funny thing, I was watching Die Hard on the PS3 earlier…I have it on BlueRay, so sue me….and the scene where John and Holly got together at the end just before ValJohnson kills the terrorist covered in blood and blonde hair had me in tears…a definite sign I’m sick.

Anyway…that said, my next choice of DVD is “Weird Al” Yankovic live from Massey Hall in Toronto…how emotional could that make me?

*cries*…oh why did Yoda have to die!!!

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