Chapter I

Chapter I…is this the chapter about me?

I have written enough Chapter U’s where I have made up stories about some thread of influence I have glimmered off of some contact with someone…perhaps it is finally time to share some actual truth here.

…but I am a fiction writer. I make shit up. I lie and, once in awhile, get paid for it. Not a lot, admittedly, but enough that I had to cash a cheque or two.

So…I…truth about I. Something stream of consciousness that is not some fictional account of what caught my arousal today.

Perhaps that is it right there…everything I have written has a grain of truth in it…usually watered by imagination and then I stand back and watch it grow. This concept actually came from a friend, not specifically talking just about what she had read of mine, saying all fiction has some faction in it.

Truth, however, is a commodity.

One of my favourite Tweets I have posted was “I call your truth and raise you two facts”.

Okay, that is all nice and good…but I promised some great truth. Well, perhaps I didn’t promise, but I hinted at it.

And I know how my reader is always on the edge of their seat waiting for me to share some gargantuan tidbit of earth shattering thought. One day, I will deliver…ONE DAY!

Okay…where was I?

TRUTH…yes, truth. The truth is that which you convince yourself to be the ultimate.

So what is my truth? What drives my soul? What do I need in my life to finally hit the ultimate perspective of where I could be? What truth would get me to be leader of the known and unknown universe?

All these questions, and no one out there is answering. Damn…I was hoping you knew.

Well, back to fiction writing. At least it keeps me entertained.

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