Cuffed and Caught

“So, how are we going to do this?”  Peter tapped his bare foot on the tile floor as he thought.

Jamie stood in the shower awaiting his instructions.

Peter glanced about at the white tiled walls of the bathroom.  Catching his own reflection in the full wall mirror over top the sinks embedded in the vanity, he grinned and his blue eyes widened under his brown hair.  “I know.”  He picked the keys up off the vanity.  He unlocked one of Jamie’s right wrist from the metal cuffs and lifted her arms.  Flipping the open cuff over the shower curtain rod, he closed it over her wrist again.  “Much better.”

Jamie’s pale curves were completely on display.  Her breasts were perky, plump as they were, and she often joked she could have been a fem-bot.  Her muscled legs were short to the point where she was on tip toes thanks to being dangled from the rod.  Her brunette curls flowed out from beneath her blindfold.  The gag holding the yellow rubber ball in her mouth kept her silent.

“Good girl,” he whispered as he stepped into the tub behind her.  He towered over her and smiled.  “No sounds.”

She followed his instructions.

He crouched, balanced himself with his right hand on the shower floor, and his left slid up between her thighs.

Jamie tensed as his fingers pushed inside before she was ready.  Her pussy relaxed quickly, though, and dampened his fingers.

“Excellent,” he hissed and his teeth nipped at her ass cheek.  “Now, we must…”

A quick knock was followed by the opening of the bathroom door.

“Hey Peter, where do you keep the…holy shit!” Norm’s bearded mouth dropped open, elongating the normal round appearance of his face…usually an illusion created by his tight curls that anyone with an 80s perm would have been proud of.  “Sorry, man, I had…um…holy shit.”

Peter stood and glared at his roommate.  “Have you not heard of knocking?”

“I know…sorry…holy shit.”

Peter rolled his eyes and reached around to squeeze one of Jamie’s breasts.  “You want to join us, or what?”

“Um…I don’t know.”

Peter’s head dipped in surprise and he blinked a few times.  “You don’t know?  She’s your girlfriend.”


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