That First Morning Orgasm

Samantha’s breathing was silent as the first morning rays painted a little colour to the black and white night.

Todd smiled. He had been awake for awhile. Laying on his back with his arm wrapped around her and her breath warming the hollow of his shoulder.

Her hand held his flaccid penis…not stroking, not caressing…just holding it beneath the white sheets.

He lightly guided her off his shoulder and slipped his arm from beneath her

The brunette locks that Samantha is known for splayed beneath her head on the pillow. The sheet drifted lower to reveal her perky white breasts and tomato red nipples. Miraculously, her hand kept its grip on Todd’s now hardening cock.

The tip of Todd’s tongue first found her nipple, dragging a squirm and sly grin from her. “You’re awake. Good.”

No words. Her eyes remained closed.

He pushed her hand away from him and quickly pushed the sheets lower to where they just covered her thighs. A perfect restrained as he crawled between her legs and his tongue found a new home. “You are delicious,” he said just millimeters before his lips snacked on her clit.

Samantha gasped and arched her tiny back off the bed, pushing from her shoulders as though she wanted his entire head inside her. Her legs wrapped around his massive shoulders and squeezed. She bucked and shivered as his tongue danced, poked and probed.

Her orgasm was fast as a locomotive and more powerful than stampeding horses.

With a smile, Todd caught his breath with his chin resting on her trimmed pelvis for just a moment. He then climbed back up and kissed her, giving her the full taste of her own cum. Between kisses he whispered the question, “Can I keep you?”

Samantha hugged him with both arms and legs. Another shudder passed through feeling his erection knocking at her door. Her eyes caught sight of the wedding band on her left hand. “For this weekend, but I’ll have to go home.”

Todd chuckled. “I know. Such a bad girl.”

Samantha screamed as his cock forced her door open and pushed in to the hilt.

With audible smacks, his hips pounded into her intending to leave bruises of honor. Due to his size, he had little trouble flipping over and pulling her on top without his erection missing a beat.

Samantha rode tall in the saddle, coming down hard on him, little yelps escaping her lips with every beat. Her arms with hands solid on his chest to keep her balance

He spanked her, hard enough there would be a mark.

She screamed and fell forward on him. Quickly, she found his left nipple and bit hard.

Todd moaned his pleasure, grabbed the back of her head. “Bite harder.”

She did.

His pleasure was shown by the warm cum that he let loose inside of her.

Both lay panting for a moment. Sweat between them now joined by cum drops rolling down Samantha’s legs.

Propping her chin on his chest she whispered, “Thank you.”

Todd grinned. “And you still have to go home, eh? What will you tell that husband of yours?”

She smiled and crawled up for a deep kiss. “Everything, of course.”

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