Fellatio Artistry

Considering all the erotica I write…considering all the erotica that men write…it is fascinating how some readers do not grasp the fact as to how aroused we get in just this creative act. Turn our own self on and then, when done, have to deal with matters. Even, sometimes, after editing a piece.

I have often joked about wanting to write while getting a blow job.

A bit of a challenge, really…only less potential damage of surrounding property compared to, say, driving while getting one.

I have only had that once…the driving bit. Was on a side street that we knew well. Dark enough, but typical orange glow from the street lights. Truth is, she was not getting it very deep into her mouth…not her fault as a guy sitting up like that makes it awkward. For a guy who likes to be deep throated, driving is very unlikely to work unless one releases the seat belt and arches the back…leading to possibilities of hitting the gas pedal too hard and ramming into something that is not her pussy.

The other part that seemed odd is that, like most guys I am visual. I like the eye contact. I like watching my erection slip between lips. It is a beautiful sight…again, when driving, I sense this leads to explosions that might not involve cum and the insurance companies will have to get involved with.

Yes, the mind still remembers that one time fondly, but more for the adventure than the act. In my typical reaction, I was annoyed I could not return the favour…talk about dangerous potential…though I did once we were stopped…and I suspect the thrill adrenaline made her taste better even, but that’s a different story.

The first recollection I have of anything blowjob related came from Stephen King’s writing and films. The first was in Cujo where there is a passage where the protagonist mother (forgive, but it has been too long to remember names) mentions how she recognizes the cock more than the face of the man she is having the affair with simply due to the time she has spent on her knees. The second was the film Carrie as Travolta is driving along in his muscle car and the girl in the passenger seat goes down on him…it looked cool to a 14-year old, but as is aforementioned it is not great in practicality. Even now, thirty years plus since that film, blow jobs are rare in mainstream films as they are too hard to show without delving into pornography.

Even my first real experience was in a car with my first girlfriend. Back seat, mind you, on a cold November night with steamed windows. That experience with her, being we were young and still months before I lost my virginity to her in the normal sense…

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton

…I believe that experience taught me the art of the tease…and tease in a good way. These days to the point of edging…but again, edging is a discussion for another day.

And all jokes aside, Clinton and I both had sex with our respective women. Blow jobs may not be intercourse, but they are a part of sex.

Of all the common sex acts, perhaps the most submissive is the blow job is. A friend told me how her dom refused to go down on her as he saw it as too submissive. When one really thinks on the stereotypical porn blow job scene…woman on her knees opening up her lover’s pants…it really is submissive. In fact, regardless of the position, it is very submissive.

How many guys have never grabbed a handful of hair while getting one? Point being, we know it is submissive and even those who are not doms take advantage of it. You feel powerful over someone when they have your erection in their mouth. They are servicing you.

On a recent tweet that I repeated…I have used it many times…the act of fellatio is brain washing for the little head. Yes, a submissive act, but which one is really in control here? The fellatio artist is an expert at edging…especially those that do not want a guy cumming in their mouth. Just enough lip pressure and dragging of the teeth…just enough tongue swirling around the tip…just enough hand play and tonguing of the balls.

The key term here is “artist”, however. Like everything, some are more skilled than others. Some are more open and submissive leading to this.

What is the perfect blow job, then? How is it done?

I certainly know what works for me. To every other guy, no doubt, it would be different. A big part of the fun of playing together is discovering just exactly what works here.

So, get on your knees and take his erection in hand. At first, treat him like your ice cream cone…then your banana…then take him as deep as you can until you taste every drop. Spit or swallow. Repeat.

Vague enough?

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  1. I can relate to the act of writing turning the author on; that usually happens to me as well!! one of the reasons it’s so much fun to write…

    I am still very much a student of the blowjob… I missed out for many years and never had a proper lesson. Sir is very good to practice on, however 😉

    ~Kazi xxx


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