Kerthunking and the Mobile Curse

I am in something of an unintended hiatus from all things online.

As I type this, my daughters are watching The Simpsons Movie behind me, so my remarks here will be less than libido dripping…not because of concern over my daughters seeing them (that won’t happen)…more because The Simpsons tend to kill moods of erotica.  Even Marge in lingerie just will not fix that mood.  Sometimes, though, the power of humour does so much more than even the libido.

“Have you ever tried going mad without power?  It’s boring, no one listens to you.” – Russ Cargill, The Simpsons Movie

Long story short…well, really no way to do that…so here is the abbreviated version of the last fourteen days.

Two Sundays back, I was out for dinner with my parents, my aunt and a cousin.  I was driving when my hybrid decided it was going to start kerthunking (look, ma, I made up a word).  Seems the gearbox, for lack of a better term, that switches from two-wheel to four-wheel is ready to break.  According to my mechanic, I am driving a glorified toaster at the moment…and he suggests that, should I have anyone I don’t like, I should throw it in a bathtub with them…a hybrid is bound to do some serious damage.

Then, one week ago today, my Blackberry decided it had enough power.  Seems that plugging it in over and over pushes the connector deeper and deeper until the connection is lost…thus, no power recharging anymore.  Bell Canada, in their infinite customer service, laughed at me when I asked about getting it repaired…and I still have more than a year left on my contract with them before I can “upgrade”, if that is what you call it.

I do not think even I realized just how much of my writing I was doing on that little beast.  I have to get into more of a habit of sitting at my PC and working.

Well…I did go to Buffalo last weekend…and got new shoes that seem to be giving me ankle problems.

That’s three, right?

As Howard Jones once said…

Things can only get better…

…and the light at the end of the tunnel has begun to glow.

Hoping that, by the end of the coming week, the car issue is fixed.  Working on a severe downgrade to something tiny…not like I need to haul samples around for work anymore, so I do not need the SUV.  In fact, were it not for my previous employ, I never would have bothered with it in the first place…and for the record, I love the Escape Hybrid and would buy a newer model if I ever won the lotto or something…but I like smaller cars.  Easier to get around in.  Also, if this works, my monthly payments go down…and how could that possibly be a bad thing.

I also made a shocking discovery today as I ran through details on my own credit situation.  If all goes as planned, outside of the car, I will be completely out of debt by June…a full year ahead of my original budget.  Now I just have to make sure not to fuck it up.  This credit issue all started when I was young and stupid in university and took up one of those first year “get a credit card” ads.

They do say that old cliché about it being darkest before the dawn…after how the last two weeks went, I believe them.  Something that happened in Buffalo last weekend, sparked my mind to actually accept that perhaps…just perhaps…I’m finally on the right track.

That light is not an oncoming train…here comes the sun.

I’ll be back soon…probably get back in the groove this week…or is it a rut?

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