Restraints for the Holidays

The bed was four-poster.  Made of walnut stained to give it a grey hue.  The manufacturer had even worked with the knots typically found in walnut, as opposed to around them.  Though it was a modern style, the knots gave it an aged look.

An ostrich-style lamp was on each of the side tables.  To the right the table was shared with the typical hotel copy of The Bible and a digital clock radio.  On the left table the space was shared with a magnum of champagne and two half-full flutes.

The dresser off the back-end of the bed held a blank television and a laptop computer.  The computer, opened to iTunes, currently allowed the vocals of Lawrence Gowan to drift across the room as he croons about his Criminal Mind for about seven minutes.

Outside, the cool fall sunlight of midday peaks in the open windows.  The brick apartments and offices across the alleyway have full view, but seem empty.

It is a holiday, after all.  Most were home with their families having their turkey and hams while football would be played on the television while broadcasters made comparisons about whether Montreal’s quarterback was better than Saskatchewan’s.

There are the usual city sounds of cars honking and sirens in search of the helpless coming in from the street…but all is muffled below the music.

Her blonde hair is held in a ponytail…made it easier to put the blindfold on with less hair to get the elastic around.  Her pierced tongue licks at her lips.  Her bra is black lace, allowing a tease of nipple through the fabric. Sunlight glints lightly off the piercing in her belly button…the lone colour in her pale midriff.  Each arm wears a long black glove that covers well past her elbow and each also has a red binding around each wrist.

The bindings were each attached by silver chains to a second red leather binding wrapped around the two posts at the head of the bed.  The chains rattled lightly as she moved to gain comfort.

The tune on the computer changed to a Supertramp classic, “Even In The Quietest Moments”.

Her panties are the same black lace as her bra.  She also wears a black garter belt around her waist with clips to the lace at the top of each black stocking.  Only the tops of each stocking was visible as she wears thigh boots over those.  Again, each ankle has a red binding and chain attaching to each post at the foot.

Good girl…exactly as I instructed.

Her belly rises and falls slowly.  There is some tension there and she cannot keep it sucked in as she likes to…mother of four, I am not sure what she expects.  The red ball gag in her mouth, however, keeps her from voicing any objections at the moment.

I stand beside the bed.  My pants are black and fall to my ankles over bare feet.  My chest is bare as well, and slowly rises and falls.

A sigh escapes around the ball gag.  She is ready.  She is in subspace.

I flex the crop in my hands.

Such a good girl.


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