The Tour: Windsor and Detroit

About this time yesterday, as my Twitter timeline certainly will prove, I boarded a VIA Rail train in Oakville, Ontario and it deposited me in Windsor, Ontario, not far from the USA border.

Spent the night at a hotel I used to use frequently for work back when I was in the traveling sales realm and then today was with a colleague working Windsor accounts this morning that I had visited years ago, and Detroit accounts this afternoon that I had never before been to visit.

The area is, between both cities, very downtrodden, admittedly. However, with the reputation Detroit has, I must say that it is nowhere near as bad as I anticipated. I would not call it a happy place, but I do not feel afraid here…unlike when I was in Houston, for example.

As I type this, my day is over and I am waiting in the Greyhound terminal for my bus to Cleveland. I did witness one minor issue here, mind you…young couple were necking in the back corner of the waiting area and got very upset as they saw their bus leaving without them…heading home…to Toronto.

They threw luggage on the ground and made quite a scene about, “Nobody told us!”

The fact the driver had, five minutes prior, came in and called, “Last call for anyone to Canada.”…guess we’ll call him “Nobody”.

All in the waiting area are keeping their noses out of it, but I am half thinking that when it blows over I will go over and mention to the nice ticket lady that the driver did make a last call. Not his fault this silly Canadian couple was not listening.

…if any Canadian Customs official working the tunnel border crossing from Detroit into Windsor reads this…watch for these two. They could be fun. I doubt I even need to describe them as they will be very obvious.

So…Detroit…a bit windy is about my worst complaint. That and a bit cold in the shade but from my phone call to my kids, Toronto is the same.

Like any city, there are the areas that would scare the vanillas…but after having walked down East Hastings in Vancouver, or the north end of downtown San Diego…Detroit seems easy. In fact, if anything, it looks empty. Too many burned out and shuttered buildings…even rush hour traffic seems light.

Talking to my colleague, the city was built for about three million, but now is home to about half that.

Alas, just a quick note here to let my friends know I am quite safe and enjoying the trip so far.

Tonight I will be hanging my hat in Cleveland where I will get involved in as much debauchery as one man can handle until my bus leaves on Sunday.

On the bus this eve…I will either sleep, write an erotic masterpiece, or write my usual smut…someone told me this leg of my trip will be awfully flat.

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