Fishing With Explosives

So many fish in the sea, as they say…and so many yahoos that fish with explosives, not giving a damn about scaring fish off for those of us who simply want to catch one good one.

I am certain that some of you recall this little post I wrote last year:  Just Wants Sex

I have done the unthinkable tonight.  After nearly two years on that site…and even some time on a secondary one as well…I give up. The account has been erased as though taken out by dynamite in a fishing pond.

I really am too old and too tired for the shit I find on these sites now.  Maybe it is not even about the sites…maybe it is more than that I am tired of.

I am a nice guy…I know this…everyone who knows me knows this…but apparently nice guys simply do not cut it in the dating world.  We are too eager to lay our coat in the wet so she can walk over it…followed by the hoard of idiots that will then catch her eye long before we can get our coat off the ground again.  Nice does not sell.

Someone recently asked me a question of such profound resonance that finally brought me to this…we were talking about the dating potential and I made some flippant joke to which she responded, “What, you don’t want to work hard to get me?”

The first response that came through my head…though I did not respond with this…”Were it not for the idiots that ruin it for nice guys, it shouldn’t be that hard.”  Of course women and men like the idea of being chased by a potential suitor…but this has become like the youthful game of tag where I am “it”, I am out of breath, and all the other kids have run away.  Even the ones I’ve had crushes on…the ones I have found interesting…the Twitter-crushes…the ones that may even find me amusing all seem to be off hiding in bushes making out with other guys while I stand there, bent over with hands on knees just trying to catch my breath and wishing the streetlights would come on so this humiliating game would end.

Of the few women I did meet on the site…I have one who I talk to still.  She is not what I am looking for romantically, but I am still happy to have her as a friend.  Happy as I am to have her…I still wanted more from the site and the dating experience.

Is it wrong for me to want to find someone I have romantic feelings for…then, just a little…have her chase me instead of the other way around?  Could I not have this? Just once? Please?

I know…if nothing else, I write a damned good fantasy sometimes…and I think this one would be one of the least believable.  Women don’t chase nice guys.

I know I have simply hit a low lately…going from memory, perhaps that my last “first date” off that particular fishy site was more than six months back does not help.  The fact that “geographically challenged” has entered my vocabulary more and more, after initially being something of a joke does not help either.

That I have no idea where else to meet women will likely drive me back there at some point…but that will remain to be seen.  For now, though, I will not be fishing on that particular site again.

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  1. It does suck there are a lot of women out there who are just dicks. I have been the ‘nice girl’ and got just as shitted on. I have been walked on, over, and kicked a few times. I still got up and did it all over again. I am a woman and I can’t give you a good reason why we use and abuse the nice guys to get to the douchebag in the corner who wants nothing to do with us.But there are real women aching to find a nice guy. Dating fucking sucks! I do hope you find what you are looking for and good luck!

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