Lost Control

Roxie smiled feeling his hard length inside her. Her hands rested on his chest as her red hair swayed with their pace. To her surprise, Peter’s hands found her hips and squeezed. “I need to make you cum.”  Her nails dragged along his chest leaving scratch trails in their wake.

erotica“You already have,” he said in half-whine, half-gasp.

“You have cum, but not by my doing.” She slowly lowered down his erection again. It felt so warm in her, heating more as she worked it.

A growl escaped his mouth as his blue eyes drilled to hers. His teeth gritted as he manhandled her off of him and threw her down on her belly causing the mattress to bounce with squeaks of complaining springs.

Before she could move he was behind her, dragging her up onto her knees. “Do it,” she hissed.

His hand grabbed a handful of red hair and caused her head to arch back. His other hand gripped her hip tightly. The now pulsing erection was plunged deep into her. His balls slapped her clit and his hips smacked against her ass.

Roxie screamed out her pleasure as, once again, she neared an orgasm but this one was brought on by the sheer force of his desire for her. She had finally uncorked his lust and now had the big man hammering into her out of control.

He released her hip and spanked her with a crack of his wrist. With the mark that would leave, good thing she had some time to rest before her next part. Releasing her hair, he gripped both her hips and began to groan with each thrust…almost a bark as his own climax neared.

Wet squirted around the cock she held as Roxie did orgasm. It sprayed out and coated his legs and the bed sheets.

Peter slowed slightly.

“NO!” Roxie screamed. “Give me that cum.”

He did.

A cry of pleasure from Roxie slipped out like a whimper as the next thrust was particularly hard and, for the first time, she felt his warm ejaculation inside her.

With him still on top of her and his penis still inside her, the couple slumped onto the bed.

“Fuck, that was awesome,” he gasped and rolled off of her.

Heaving as she attempted to catch her own breath, Roxie rolled over beside him. “Yes, it was.” Her hand slipped over his belly and found his penis again…to her surprise, it was already hardening again. “Seems we’re not finished.”

“You will swallow.”

Roxie did not need to be told twice. “Yes, sir.” Sliding down, her lips and tongue quickly went back to work. Her own excitement increased tasting her own flavorful juice from him. Her tongue slipped to his balls while her hand stroked. Cradling the erection, she ran her tongue up the length before swirling around the tip.

Peter groaned. This would not take long.

To her surprise, she felt a firm hand again grasping her hair and forcing her mouth to take him deeper.  Even the sound and feeling of her gag reflex kicking in was a surprise.  So much she had to take her mouth off and catch her breath before continuing.  This soft blowjob had quickly become an outright face fuck.

Peter sat up and held her head with both hands, keeping her on him tightly as he came again.

Working hard not to gag again, Roxie swallowed all but the last drops of what he gave her.  With a smile, she pulled her lips off of him and crawled back up for a deep kiss to share the last of his cum.

With her on top this time, they collapsed again.

“Wow,” Roxie had no other words yet.  She gave his neck a little bite and rolled off to the side of the bed and up on her feet.  With only the sound of her feet padding across the carpet, she wandered to the washroom.

Peter sat up on the bedside and stood as well.  Stepping to the large window of the tenth-floor hotel room, he peeked between the drapes.

Roxie stepped back from the washroom.  “We should get going, I suppose.”

With a laugh and a head shake, he turned his blue eyes to her.


He crooked a finger to call her over.

At the window, she looked out at the snow still coming down.  “Still snowing?  Wow.”

Peter stepped behind her and pointed over her shoulder down to the street.

Roxie’s own blue eyes widened as she saw a stranded city bus with snow packed two-thirds of the way up its side.  “Holy shit.”

“We’re not going anywhere,” Peter said.  He hugged her with a tight squeeze before one hand, again, grasped her hip and pulled her back from the window.  The other hand pushed her forward.

The cold glass gripped her breasts.  She arched her back already knowing, unlikely as it seemed, he was hard again.  She was right.


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