Oral Test

I do not know how to describe that taste.

That taste on a Saturday morning at 5am where she is still snoozing and I have just pushed her legs far enough apart to get my tongue in.

I crave that taste. I know what my tasting does to her and would do it over and over again each morning until we get her high notes in tune.

To spread those legs and crawl between so my tongue can slip inside her and taste. The cunnilingus that should be mandatory each day would begin in order to wake her and, in the end give her that massive orgasm that will send her back to sleep with a smile. To hear her muffled moans as she tries not to squirm too much from what is a proper good tickle when my tongue slaps at her clitoris and lathers it up with my saliva mixed with her own juices.

As she nears her orgasm my tongue would lay a trail up her body. From her vagina lips up her pelvis, past her belly button, through the breasts (stopping for a bite of nipple on each, and then allowing my lips to lock on her throat. My hands take her wrists and lock them above her head while my erection now teases her…not going in, but just sliding along her slit. She feels my full weight upon her…controlling her while my hard cock teases more.

Her orgasm is near unbearable when it hits. She squirms to free herself as my erection still slips along without penetrating…pressuring her clitoris to give in while my mouth continues working from her breasts to her throat to her lips.

Her scream of submitting to her orgasm is the sign my cock awaits before piercing her and pounding her flesh. Driving this orgasm, only a plateau for her, towards the next even stronger one…the one we will share as she tightens her grip and thrusts her hips at me…as she has lost her control and wants to feel the warmth I will give her…wrapping her legs around me in an attempt to restrain the one restraining her.

Until we climax and collapse…one body together slowing the rhythm, but still in rhyme. Sharing our warm juices in the descending action.

Her ankles release…I release her wrists…my tongue retraces back to the beginning so I can taste what our mix is…and make her squirm more as she prepares for the next erectal assault.

I’m sorry…you wanted to sleep in?

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