Ravishing Sunday Exploration

Sunday morning, it is.

Dark, cold and a feeling like covers should be pulled over the head while the world gets ignored so I can focus on her beside me.

This should be that Sunday where the bed never gets made, nor even gotten out of…except to get coffee, make a sandwich, and answer the door when the pizza arrives.

The pizza bit is the only part that requires clothing…although, even that might not. As for the coffee and sandwiches, those also give an opportunity to ravish her with some change of scenery.

This ravishing would, of course, require…key term, “REQUIRE”…to get her to multiple orgasms throughout the day.

I do recall one partner who would tense, moan and enjoy her orgasm before making me stop due to over-stimulation. Would be hours before I could touch her again…and that just will not do.

She needs to accept, not only multiple orgasms through the day but, at some point, one after the other after the other. First from my lips and tongue, then from my cock, then from lips and tongue again, before my hand finishes her while she multi-tasks.

Not necessarily in that order…and of course not all my attention is focused on her pussy. This is just one part of it.

From her throat, to her belly button, to her knees and even bottom of her feet…each centimetre of her must be explored in order to find every zone of eros she has. The small of her back? The back of her knees? Her chin? All must be uncovered on a day of exploration, such as this.

Massage, kissing, licking and fucking all of her…taking as long as I possibly can before my own orgasm. There is a reason for this…people joke about men falling asleep after orgasm due to the chemicals it unleashes…and this is true.

I am not one to fall asleep. My orgasm, however, does limit options while a reload goes on…perhaps time to get that sandwich…or time for my tongue to bathe her again…but it still is always good to have options.

Ravishing her, however, is not optional. It must be done.

Sex is a very basic need…yes, I said “need”. The problem is hearing how for so many it has become regular and boring.

Simplest way to spice this up? Explore your partner…do not just “bang” them. Quickies have their place, certainly…such as after walking out of the pub and finding a dark corner to play in while the snow quietly falls around you and her skirt rises just enough.

Even that is not boring.

With the proper partner, most mornings would have quickies. Beautiful way to wake up is with five minutes inside her before I get ready for work. Then a more sensual coupling after kids are asleep and we are back in bed that night. When kids not around…then the weekend days become very sensual…very hot…and allow me to explore so even those morning quickies can be better.

How else will I learn to please her?

I do realize licking is an easy way to please her, but easy gets boring for both parties involved.

Speaking of licking…cunnilingus…a particular fetish I feel growing more as I have less of it. A friend of mine pointed something out…mind you, she was speaking on fellatio. Cunnilingus is a very dominating thing to do…think about where my teeth are. I have heard stories of male doms that will not go down on their subs because they find it un-dom-like…unmasculine…unmanly.

Bullshit…unmanly is treating your partner with disdain and no respect. A real dom is not simply about his ego…it is about knowing that with your confidence and knowledge you can give her more pleasure…we can build her a better orgasm…we have the technology.

Another key term here is “confidence”.

Wow…this post has gone off the rails a bit.

Did a hot quick write on my wanting to perform cunnilingus yesterday…and this one now feels like a technical manual on what I think of D/s requirements.

So…time to take control…grab my friend Apple by the hair and direct her to her knees. I lean back against the wall, and she can service with a smile until she is licking stray cum from her lips.

Now, if only I had not made her up. Of course, she really is no sub anyway…she is one who is more likely to grab me by the balls and suck because she wants the reaction, not the direction. Not quite sure I have portrayed just how aggressive that character is in my mind yet…

Last key term of the day…”Yet”.

Aggression mixed confidence and a severe dose of affection…dare I say, the perfect coupling?

Time to explore…

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