Festive Galveston Bay

Author’s note:  I was at Kemah Boardwalk as part of a work trip in the summer of 2008.  We went there for dinner and the evening after touring a couple of oil refineries.  If you ever get to Houston, it is a place I would highly recommend…especially the Saltgrass Steak House…fyi, I’ve no idea if it is open Christmas day, so just play along

Press Play…

Liza felt the moonlight bathe her breasts as she lowered herself onto the thrusting body beneath her.  Her brunette hair had begun to pick up the sweat between her shoulder blades as it swayed with the motion.  Although the fencing slats filtered her view, she could see the lights of Joe’s Crab Shack across Clear Lake to the Kemah Boardwalk…where she and Alec had first met three hours ago…finally…while the sun had still been out to warm them.

Only six hours prior she had been sitting on an Air Canada jet as it pulled up to the gangway at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  Outside the portholes, the tarmac was blurry from the heat rising from it.  Being the plane had taken off during a blizzard, it was quite the sight.

Lowering on to Alec’s penis, she gasped and came back as his hand squeezed her breasts to help her stay up on him.  This man beneath her that, other than Twitter, she had not met today had already brought her to three orgasms and he was still trying to drive her to another yet…and though oblivious to the green stains on her knees from their grassy bed, she was concerned at not having even brought makeup.

Getting off the plane with nothing more than a backpack, blue jeans, a red tank top and black stilettos…she was amazed at how many liquid items she could get into the little pouch back home…she took a cab from the waiting line.  It was hot…damned hot.  The old cliché was “hotter than Georgia asphalt”, but that seemed moot to Liza as she watched her map to make certain the Latino driver took her a proper direction as he twitched to the sounds of U2 singing from his radio.  She thought about asking him to turn it down to call the kids and see how their Christmas was going with her ex, but decided to wait.

I’m fucking here,” she thought as the cab pulled onto the eastbound Sam Houston Tollway.  Brunette hair was currently held in a ponytail that would be gone later in the evening…her blue eyes were held in a smile that would not.

The memory of U2 melted into Bruce Springsteen with a surprisingly appropriate “Tunnel of Love” that was being played across at Kemah.

Half an hour into their drive of silence, and after the Tollway had swung south in its circle around the center of Houston, the cabbie took an east exit on to Pasadena Parkway which he stayed on for fifteen minutes before heading south on Bayport Boulevard.  The sun hung above blazing down through a few small defenseless clouds and reflected off the water of Galveston Bay.  Liza guessed about ten more minutes which, by her watch, meant she was an hour early.  Thanks to the holiday traffic, the drive had been easy.  She expected a chance to get a beer to help calm her nerves before meeting Alec for dinner.

Kenmah was a ferry ride from the parking lot.  Large wooden boardwalk and buildings with restaurants, small beer shacks and even amusement rides.

Of course, she should have known, Alec was already waiting for her just on the other side of the ferry.  He looked exactly like his picture with his short graying hair, goatee and blue eyes that smiled at her before they were even in speaking distance.  He was only slightly taller than she and had a cuddly quality to his physique…but exactly as she pictured him.

They had skipped dinner…skipped much of everything other than Liza calling her kids to say goodnight and wish them a Merry Christmas before bed…after that, however, a couple of drinks had loosened both of their resolves and now, here she was on the grass of a house Alec had rented for the night just across Clear Lake riding him.  “It’s Texas, I’m saving horses,” she thought.

The roller coaster rattled by with screams of riders that masked Liza’s own scream that she let out.  Here she was, fucking the man she had flirted with…thought about…and only dreamed of until now.

They could have flown down together.  Considering they only lived a ten minute drive apart, they could even have met prior…but they had decided this first date, after months of cyber play, was worthy of more.

His left hand slipped down and began to play with her clitoris.

“Please,” she whispered with the little breath she had left.

“What?” he asked with a big smile, obviously knowing she was nearly to the point of over stimulation.

“I want your cum.”

The smile grew.  “You first.”

A laugh almost gagged her.  “I already have.”

“One more…cum for me, princess.”  He sat up and pulled her hair back to expose her neck to his lips…


Liza’s eyes opened.  Quickly sitting up she re-orientated to her bedroom.  “Fuck,” she whispered.  “A fucking dream.”

She hung her head and glanced at the bedside clock only to realize the snap that woke her was the power going out.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck…Christmas morning and no power.”

Reaching over further she found her mobile phone on the bedside table.  It was five in the morning and, as of yet, the kids were not awake.  Putting elbow on her thigh, she leaned her forehead into the palm of her right hand.

Outside the wind howled and snow tapped against the windows.

It had seemed so real.  It was as though she had finally met him.  She had smelled the sea water, tasted the beer and even felt the orgasms…but here she was in her own bed again.

The mobile buzzed and a message notification popped up.

She knew it was Alec before even opening the application.  Sure enough, it was Alec:

The power is out.  Are you okay?  Need anything?

Liza surprised herself and typed out three letters:


The letters stared back at her for a moment with her thumb hovering over “send”.  It was close until she heard one of the kids moving in the hall.

They were up, apparently.

Instead of sending, she deleted at re-wrote, “All is good, thanks.  Merry Christmas!”

A moment later the response came back, “You too.”

She could feel disappointment in his words.  “Soon, babe,” she whispered at the screen.

The power clicked back on, mocking her with the flashing red numbers on the clock.



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