Do you ever look at the driver in the other car?…or just the car?

How many of us are driving along and only see the machines, the minimum requirement of what is actually going on inside our own car.  For safety we know the car is there, but what is going on beyond that other windscreen does not matter.

We drive along to the corner to make a right turn and slow to a roll at the red light…not really stopping.  Checking to our left we see an oncoming car that we have just enough distance to get around the corner in front of, causing them to have to slow down and brake due to our vehicle pulling out.  Then, when they honk, we give them the finger and claim they are the stupid fucks who should grow up.

Another example as you pass any highschool and the young kids who cross against lights, holding up traffic with the right-a-way because no one would dare give them grief.  Besides, they are just cars.

Not real people at all.

Just machines that will stop for us because we are all that matters.  Our car…our music…our bubble.

We are all too busy to pay attention to what is going on in the other cars.  No one outside our own car matters…they’re not really there.  Just part of the annoyance and part of the show in our megalomaniacal driving tendencies.

There is always more to the story…more that is going on that we blind ourselves so we can defend ourselves against having to anticipate anything unexpected.  If that drive we just cut off hits us from behind…technically, being s/he hit us from behind…it is their fault…not ours.  Leaving us without having to even take responsibility for our own safety.

A challenge then…not only should we look at who is in the other car, but we should make eye contact, smile and nod a greeting.

Of course, none of us will…me included.

This metaphor would have to require us to think outside our car…and we just do not want to do that.

I just wish people would fucking stop cutting me off and then flipping me the bird.


  1. For a few years I drove an odd import car. Complete strangers would flash their lights and wave. I found out later there was someone else with the same blue odd car in my area and we were often mistaken for each other. Equally driving a vintage car has a similar advantage – other owners always hoot and wave. Failing that you could just wave at anyone in the same colour car as you. Of course you run the risk of looking like a total nut. But imagine the fun! Nothing more annoying to a person flipping the bird than the recipient grinning benignly and waving back at them 🙂

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