Bronx in the Brat

For the last time in 2012…press play…


Bronx looked around the aisle of canned goods with two stall pyramid displays of soup. His first thought was to go with the old De Niro stand by, “You talkin’ to me?” …but this redhead starting at him was too cute too sass. Her hair was held in a red-head band, and her blue eyes blinked at him through a pair of glasses over the book held in her hands.  Her suit was beige and had an impressively short skirt.  “Can I help you?”

She closed the book and held it at her side.  “You own that store across the parking lot, right? Bronx’s Adult Novelties.” Her blue eyes blazed up at him.  Her stiletto heels clicked on the linoleum floor as she took two steps closer.

His eyes checked his grocery cart to make sure there was no hidden camera somewhere. “Yes.”

“The stories on your website…from your customers…wow, you look like a bouncer.”

“Yes, those are always there….wait…a bouncer?” He felt a trickle of sweat forming on his bald head.

“Yeah, a bouncer.  You’re big, muscular as fuck and bald.  Very sexy.  You look confused…are you okay?”

He glanced past her and turned to look behind himself.  “Well, 9pm on New Years Eve…a stunning redhead comes up to me in the grocery store, out of the blue…a bit surreal, true.”

“Would I be able to make one?”

The question was not dangerous at all and he straightened up feeling the tension ease from his back. “One what?”

“One of your stories?”

“You bought something from the store you could write about?”

“We’ll, no, but…”

“That’s the point of the stories. Product reviews.” Bronx was used to getting accosted by the right-wing religious nut bags who thought his store was the spawn of Satan and should be burned down…but this was different. “Who are you?”

“I’m Apple.”

“What kind of name is…?”

Apple stepped forward and pushed the man between the two pyramid-can displays. Her hand found the zipper on his black pants and tugged. “Thinking that I could write a review about the quality of your service.”

“Hey…” Bronx’s protest was not particularly strong. He currently had a stunning redhead in a short skirt and heels with her hand freeing his penis from its prison while in public…gift horse he knew better than to check the mouth of…and this was the type of woman who was seriously out of his league.

With Bronx’s penis out and being fondled by her right hand, Apple smiled. “Much better.”  She crouched and quickly took a last look around the displays before opening her mouth and sucking the new erection in.

“Yeah…this is bad,” Bronx sighed.

“Mmmmm…me mmmmm.”


She pulled off of him.  “Much fun as this is, we should go and continue at your store.  Lower potential arrest factor.”

Five minutes later…

Gerald, in his crisp white shirt and green apron, stared at the large full shopping cart in the middle of the aisle.  “What the fuck?”

Two minutes later…

Apple was very flexible.

Bronx had the redhead pinned up against the wall behind the service counter.  All the dildos and cock rings watched as she, in essence, did the splits standing…right foot on the ground…left ankle resting on the tall man’s shoulder…and her pussy engulfing his hard cock.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she said…”You haven’t had enough stories.”

His hips smacked audibly into hers.  “I know.  Just one more once we’re done here.”

“But you only had three, oh fuck…right there, babe.”

“Yes, just three…four after this.  Be a dear and grab my balls, would ya?”

Apple followed his instructions and gently squeezed.  “You were one of his favorites, did you know that?”

“Who’s favorites?”

Releasing his balls, she used both hands to grab his ass cheeks and pulled harder.  “Never mind…just fuck me you beast.”

…and he did.

Against the wall…on the display case…on the computer desk…in the office chair…on the carpeted part of the floor…hanging from the display suspension swing…on his car hood in the parking lot…under the car (don’t ask)…in front of the big screen TV after Bronx put in a DVD copy of “Debbie Does Dallas“…and finally with Apple restrained to the wooden cross in the corner.

Both sat on the carpet, panting.

“I’m going to need to replace some of these displays tomorrow.”  He flipped another used condom on the floor.  “And shampoo the carpet.”

Apple snuggled up against his shoulder.  “I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

He glanced down and gave her a quick kiss.  “Why?”

“You’ll see.”  In a poof of smoke she was gone.

Coughing and waving his hands to clear the smoke, Bronx sat alone…naked…on his shop floor.  “How the hell????…”  His eyes scanned the room for a moment.  “Fuck, that was cool.  Happy fucking New Year.”

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