At Brat’s End

One last time…press play…

“We thought it was time.”me 2 by BakeSaleHottie

Apple smiled at Cliff.  “But I hadn’t even met you.”

His red sweatered chest puffed out.  “I know, but I’m taken.”  He clinked his wine glass, full of red, with her’s.  “Congrats on your promotion.”


Cross grabbed her naked hip and kissed her cheek.  “You mean you don’t know?”

Cliff walked away and Apple turned her attention to the naked man grabbing her.  “Know what, Cross?  The fact that you were likely the best lay I could have had and I missed it?”

Cross’ eyes were confused for a moment.  “No…but that’s true, no matter what Steffan says…”  He turned and gestured with his glass to where Prince Steffan was currently impaling Bette with his erection.  “Of all people, I’m amazed you didn’t know.”  He grabbed her hand.  “I’ll take you to the one that should tell you.”

Cross led her through the mass of naked people.

Apple watched as she passed…in one corner she watched Steffan’s muscular physique pounding the domme, Bette…while Bette sucked her sub, Grover’s, cock…she remembered the fun they had in the arena.  Another corner offered the vision of Clair and her gay lovers, Jack and Jake, currently fondling Drake who wore nothing but his cane.  Against the back wall, the Good Girl held a flogger and aimed at Bronx’s ass as her master looked on…Apple remember them from her first time.  A small bulldog wandered around licking each person’s naked calves as well.

“Wait, is that…?”

Cross stopped and looked.  “The bulldog?  Fifi.”

“But I didn’t…?”

“He’s a dog.  Even the writer isn’t that cruel.”

She continued to allow herself to be led by Cross through the room…then she saw him.

Gray, for once, was not in a tight t-shirt and jeans…but instead was naked and sitting on a table.

“I finally get to play with him?”


Everyone in the room froze and in dead silence turned to see a serial killer.

He stood in the doorway with a grin and holding a beer stein.  “No worries, I’ll keep my clothes on.  Slante mathe!”

A cheer arose from the crowd…relieved that there would be no body count after the proceedings were done.

“Let’s try this again, I finally get to play with Gray?”

Cross laughed.  “Yes, you can play with anyone here…but he is not whom you are here to see.”

Apple kept her mouth shut for the rest of the walk as she watched the familiar faces in various states of orgasmic pleasure.

Cross finally led her to a curtained wall.  He pushed aside the burgundy drapes and opened a dark room.  “Go in, kid.  Meet your wizard.  Thanks for the fun, but it is your turn, now.”

Apple stopped.  “My turn?”

A quick glance around the room before Cross said anything more.  “We’re retiring.  After you’ve talked, though…come play with use for a bit.  I’d love to prove you right.”  He kissed her deeply and pushed her into the darkness.

The drapes closed and Apple was greeted by darkness.

“Hi there,” I said.

Apple, perhaps for the only time ever, felt self-conscious about her nakedness.  Dark, or not, she felt awkward at the thought of being with a strange man.  “Ah, hi.”

“What the hell kind of name is Apple, anyway?”

She had no answer.

“I’ll tell you, where it came from if you like.”

The realization of whom was speaking slapped her.  My hand took hers and, in the dark, I led her to a fabric couch to lounge on.

“Apple is in reference to the forbidden fruit, of course.  Something of an inside joke with me being atheist and all.”

“You’re him,” she gasped.  “The writer.  You’re the idiot who makes all this shit up.”

“Guilty, as charged.”

“You’re a shit.”

I had not seen that statement coming.  “Oh?”

“You haven’t let me actually get to know any of the characters you have me sleeping with.  What kind of slut do you take me for?”

I could not help but laugh.  “M’lady, you have no idea what you are in for.”

“Cross tells me I’m promoted.  What the fuck does that mean?  Does that mean I get paid to fuck now?”

“No, darling.  It means you get your own story.”

Her breath caught.

“All those people in the other room…Bette, Grover, Fifi, Cross and all the rest…I’m retiring them.  Today, I am starting something new and letting them all drift into the past.  You are the future here…at least the near future.”

“What does that mean?”  she asked with a concerned look at me as her eyes adjusted slightly.

“It means don’t fuck it up.  You have a chance to be more than any of them.”


“Yes, more.  They were all so one-sided…except one.  You, however…”  I patted her thigh.  “You could be more important than even Fifi was.”

Her voice dropped deep.  “He was a bulldog.”

“Yes, and such a good boy he was, too…except when I turned him into a man.  That was a complete fuck up on my part.”

“So am I going to have to sleep with you or something?”

“No…well, not directly.”

She cocked an eyebrow at me.

“In essence, you’ve already slept with me.  Each of those characters you’ve played with came from me…so…”

“Oh…was going to accuse you of drugging me, but that makes sense.”

“Now, today is January 1st…a new beginning.  You get your own story tonight…although you can take a break as you’re not in the first part.”

“What’s it called?  What’s it about?”

“All in good time.”

“Why would I do it?” she asked with a purring pout on her face.

“Material girl…good girl…I’ll give you your own space ship.”

The resulting smile told her answer without words.

“For now…it is New Years…go party…fuck Gray…then fuck Cross…do someone in between…we want your pleasures increased so trust me, do it in that order.”

She stood with a grin.  “Yes, sir!”  A mock salute followed.

“Being your story involves military…sort of…well done.  Now get the fuck out there.”

She did not need to be told again.  Slipping from the curtains, she immediately found Gray, still sitting on the table, and mounted him until she felt his cum erupt into her with his strong arms tightly on her hips.  Next, she found Drake.

“Enjoying the party, darling?”

Apple said nothing, but dropped to her knees and sucked the old man’s cock to orgasm.  Next she found Cliff…still in nothing but his red sweater and he was willing to lick her to her orgasm without even being asked.

Finally, she found Cross.

“Congrats, again.”  He smiled and did a tight bow.

“Thanks.  You’re really him, aren’t you?  It wasn’t Drake or Grover or Cliff…it was you?”

Cross shrugged.  “In your new story, look for one named Greg.  You’ll thank me.”

“He told me I should play with you last.”

A smile spread across his lips.  “Then say goodbye, as I have a special place to take you.”  Again taking Apple by the hand, he led her to another section of the burgundy curtain.

Turning back, Apple gave one last glance around the room and found all the familiar faces smiling at her and each raised a glass to her.

“Good-bye,” she said and waved.  Her eyes drifted to Todd and Samantha who were currently swapping partners with Mina and Chuck.  Then she found Jake in the back corner currently embedded cock-deep into Suki…who was currently complaining about not being paid enough.

“Darling,” Cross whispered into her ear.  “It is time to go.”

Finally, with a faint smile, she turned and followed Cross into the darkness and the curtain closed behind them.

Gray walked over to Grover and put his arm around his shoulders.  “Been a great party, hasn’t it.”

“Absofuckinglutely,” Grover agreed.

THWACK!!!!  The sound, again, caused all the partiers to stop and look towards the curtain where Apple and Cross had vanished.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD, YES!!!” Apple’s voice screamed.

The group cheered, sounding like Rebels knowing the first ship had escaped Hoth…and went back to their frolicking.

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