How Things Change

small 42As I begin this post, my current PC wallpaper is to the left. When you get to the end of this, you’ll understand why.

…as well, I am currently sitting here listening to this song:

Gimme…gimme…gimme…fried chicken!

The girlfriend, as I was sitting listening to this quietly (as if), tells me that the Golden Globes are on tonight.

I do recall, years ago, that these award shows mattered to me.  That was back in a time when I watched regular television and actually was curious what critics thought of films and music and such.

These days, however, not so much.

I like who and what I like.  Whether or not they are awarded on top of the millions they are already likely making for their entertainment services is irrelevant to me.

Instead, I am about to log off and partake of David Wong’s “John Dies @ the End”.  David Wong, for the record, is a pseudonym used by one of the contributors for National Lampoon.  I am intrigued with this novel as it was in the horror section.

I have always been a fan of horror writings of the likes of Peter Straub or Michael Slade…but have not strayed far from those two in a very long time.  I did cut my reading teeth on Stephen King…oddly enough, I was 13 (same age as my eldest daughter), which makes me a bit nervous.  He was a good start into the horror genre but by the time Pet Sematary rolled around, I understood that the man could not write endings.  With the way Frank Darabont rewrote the ending to King’s “The Mist”, that was further proof that King writes a fantastic story.

Endings are hard.  Only recently I have finished a couple of my series that I have been writing on these pages.  First time I have actually posted true endings to anything in awhile.  Everything, prior to those, tended to rattle around in my head with intentions of continuing until they faded away.

As such, currently have a new series going that is a bit of fun for me with the university classes.  This set is inspired by a literature course I took at York University (Toronto’s other university located in the north end of the city) back in 1989.  We had this professor that had some real balls to him, for an older dude that was dealing with people roughly a third of his age…then, however, add that to my enjoyment of Hank Moody in Californication, and this story is just starting to blossom.

There is/was another series I was going to start.  Long story short, Apple is dead…should have buried her with the rest of them as I have lost that inspiration.

Oh…how about this tune…one I bet most of you don’t know…

Suffice to say, all the characters prior to 2013 are gone.  Cliff, to Fifi, to Gray, to Clair, to Apple…and it shocked me to discover Apple is in my top five of most used characters by the time we got to the end of the year.  In fact, she is the first real serial I have been able to sustain in sometime in my posts on here.  Funny, but I have been working on some off-line stuff for a potential novel and that was distracting me from keeping a long term character going. Took a break from it around mid-November, and Apple appears.

Anyway…where the fuck was I going with all of this?  This is quickly circling the drain as one of those stream of consciousness pieces that has very little point beyond me discussing where my mind is not at.

Speaking of “not at”…how about them Broncos?  Right…most of my readers do not watch football…I knew there was a reason I rarely posted sports things here.

…and with Dark Knight Rises not nominated for best picture, who the fuck cares?  I might actually care about these award shows if they acknowledged one of the biggest films of the year.

Now, there is the darkness created by the Colorado shooting at the film’s opening…but really?  I figured that it might be nominated, similar to LOTR: Return of the King, more as a tribute to the Dark Knight Trilogy rather than on its own.  Alas…it did not get a sniff.

Nor will the films this year such as Man of Steel, nor Star Trek Into Darkness…why?  Because they are nerd films.  Films that require one to actually imagine.  We cannot have the people imagining what could be…we are much better off telling them what is, or what was…we cannot have them thinking!

That would kill the system!

Speaking of Star Trek Into Darkness…shivers, is all I can say…this gave me shivers:

So…it is 2013…shall we begin?  Shall we begin something new and fresh?

I think we shall.

I know I already have.

If you leave me…can I come to?  Can I jump aboard and ride with you…together we’d be starting new…

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  1. Wow Chris… you were all over the place. -giggles- I’ve been neglectful of leaving comments on your stories. I want you to know I read them … every single one. You have been an amazing support to me, and I’ve sucked at returning the favor. So… here’s my returning of said favor.

    Get back to that novel Mister. Seriously, you are way too creative, and have way too much talent not to put yourself out there, outside of this blog. You can do it!!! -licks and smooches-

    The very Bad Penny

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