A Guy’s Beginning

The tires crunched over the snow before the tiny blue Toyota halted.

Guy opened the door, bracing against the anticipated blast of cold air which, as predicted, hit him like bricks as he lifted his large frame from the small car. His feet crunched more snow,a little more softly than the ties did, as he walked between the houses in the darkness.

The landlords, as usual, left him no light to find his way around to the small basement apartment. A light from a basement window of the neighbor’s house caught his eye. Antone and Linda lived there on their own. The couple was in their forties, married twenty years now, and long since given up on having kids due to Antone’s inability to. Guy knew all of this as, over his four years of living here he socialized with them quite often. Unlike his landlords, he had more in common with Antone and Linda. Jacob and Vince were gay South African immigrants…very nice gentlemen, but Guy did not understand them.

The window light drew his eyes, however, he understood them even less…the curtains were drawn, which seemed odd when he saw the naked form of Antone standing against the oak-panel wall…the couple’s retro-themes 1970s rumpus room. His short greying brown hair gleamed with sweat and matched his carpet, as the cliche goes. Linda had some curves under her blonde pixie hair and big blue eyes. She was on her knees of to one side and watching. Vince, one of Guy’s landlords, was older…almost sixty, and had a horseshoe white hair similar to Picard from Star Trek. His frame was slim and muscular…also naked on his knees and off to the other side, also watching. Jacob was, like Guy, a big fellow. Guy thought of him as the “Twinkie” in his landlords’ relationship. Roughly half of Vince’s age, but twice his size, was also naked…on his knees…and currently deepthroating Antone.

The white cold air Guy was breathing caught in his mouth and nearly choked him. His feet froze on the snow covered driveway as he watched the scene with an odd sensation of being exposed in the middle of the driveway but knowing the light in the room kept them from seeing him out here.

Over the next hour, the group evolved their positions so each cock was sucked by each mouth. Then they focused on Linda as Vince lay on the ground for her to mount him, Jacob kneeled behind and slid his thick cock into her ass. Antone stood for more fellatio.

Guy was stunned to realize his own hand had found it’s way to his cock and was stroking it erect through the fabric of his jeans. Were it warmer, he might have considered unzipping.

He listened as each participants’ moans grew in intensity through the window. Linda, based on her screams, orgasmed first. Jacob and Vince seemingly came at the same time giving both her ass and pussy a creampie. Finally Antone grabbed her short hair and pulled her back, stretching Linda’s neck, before his orgasm sprayed over her face. Guy was the final orgasm…in his pants…as he watched the men each take a turn licking the cum from her face.

Now the deep freeze of the evening returned to his senses. Guy turned from the scene and made his way back to the sliding glad doors of his apartment. The room inside was stark, but warm. Closing the curtains, Guy stripped off his cold and wet clothes, replacing them with black track pants and an over sized t-shirt  Pulling the tab on a beer from his fridge, he say in his recliner and flipped the buttons on the remote for his tiny TV…there was hockey on. He watched for a few minutes until his mind kept drifting back to the scene next door…and his free hand began to stroke again.

This is the beginning of his story…

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