Best Laid Plans of Elle and Men

Elle woke as normal. Her boyfriend, Greg’s fingers in her pussy and his cum on her lips.

When they were together, he would wake her at least once a night that way, long before the sun would stretch and peek over the horizon.

That would be followed by Elle wanting the taste of his cock before they would fall back to sleep cuddled together as the sunlight came in to see what their naked bodies would be doing.

Today, however, there was a plan.

This, in itself, was unusual.

The couple had done everything spontaneous from a weekend away at a hotel just outdoor the city to a night in jail after being caught in a movie theater completely naked.

Today Greg was taking Elle to meet one if his old friends on a playdate. Elle had expressed her want to experience how it felt to be with another woman, and today was the day…potentially. Ruby, an old friend of Greg’s was in town for a fetish convention at a hotel close by…and what better opportunity.

Greg would document it all…as any good writer would. He lay back with his hand held tablet, writing out their plan in one of his fictional stories while Elle’s tongue feathered about his cock and balls…

This is where we join their story…

She is nuzzling my balls, Greg tapped into the hand unit. A few moans slipped from his lips as her tongue and fingers went lower. “Fuck, yeah,” he whispered as her finger slipped into his anus.

“You like that?” Her question was more a growl than anything. She was the one with the anal fetish, so rimming was a regular event.

“You know I do.” He tapped a few more letters into the tablet.

Elle had no further words…mostly as she took his cock balls deep and had a mouth full.

Greg stopped writing, feeling he had described what was needed. Putting the tablet down, he grabbed a handful of her curly brunette hair and gave her direction on pace. “When we meet Ruby, I want you to do whatever you feel comfortable with.”

She pulled his cock out just long enough for four words, “I want her pussy.”

“I know, darling, but let’s make sure the two of you hit it off first.”

Cars honked and screeched to a halt outside and four stories down.

Elle, finger in him knuckle deep, pulled back and studied his erection. “I’m so excited. I just want to play.” Her brown eyes met his blues. “Why aren’t you writing more?” she asked before taking his erection deep again.

“I’ve finished today’s chapter, Emma and Her Fellatio Skills.”

She giggled and asked between mouthfuls, “Why did you call me Emma?”

“Fictional name to protect the innocent.”

“I’m not innocent,” she protested, and the bit his thigh.

His eyes closed. “I know.” The image of what it would look like watching Elle go down on Ruby later danced through his head. Of course, he would describe it in full detail for his readers…and there would be pictures…

“So if I’m Emma, who are you?”

“The Masked Avenger, Rodrigo.”

She shook her head a though waving off her catcher’s pitch choice.

“Pablo, the pool boy?” Not that pitch, either.

“Don…a simple dom.”

“That’s it, and you still get your Latin Lover tease.”

Greg nodded. “Don Juan.”

“…but you’re Irish, so only a tease,” she said before devouring his erection once more.

Greg locked eyes and watched as she sucked him off to completion…swallowing every drop of cum he produced. “Good girl.”

She crawled up beside him and snuggled in close. Quietly they sat caressing and lightly stroking as the sum grew brighter through the window.

“So…” she said quietly.

“So…?” He needed classification, although he expected the question would be about Ruby and their meeting later.

However, he was wrong…

“Can I read it?”

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