Oscar Night

Being the film I believe should win is not even nominated for the best picture Oscar, I’m not going to bother watching.

I admit, my choice of Dark Knight Rises, would never win. My hope had been that it would be nominated for the entire trilogy much as the third chapter of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

There are some who say I should watch anyway…but why? To show my support for the arts?

For one, I have no dog in this fight. No rooting interest. No care as to who wins any of them.

Second, the belief that my lack of interest is a lack of support for the arts…so the paying money to see the films is not enough?

Of course I am tired of the politics of it…watching Spielberg and The Color Purple being shut put years ago explained that idiocy to me.

More than anything,I think I am tired of honoring millionaires for things that are simply entertainment. Same reason pro sports is losing my interest. That is all this is…entertainment.

Entertainment is important, no question…but knowing that our teachers are making $60k or so a year…does it really make sense for Tom Hanks to make $30 million a picture?…doors it make sense for Peyton Manning to make $20 million per season?

Our priorities are fucked.

People complain when day care workers, nurses and bus drivers make too much money…but the voices complaining at the money Sandra Bullock pulls in are eerily silent.

For the record, I would not watch an award show for the best teacher nor best bus driver, either. My point, however, is the Oscars are just entertainment and the people we honor by watching it should probably be thanking every fanny that forked over their hard earned money to help pay for a movie ticket rather than us thanking them for their superior performance.

The pomp and circumstance of the Oscars is no longer entertaining…think I would rather be turning the pages of a new up and coming author.

That is how I would acknowledge the arts.

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