Politics, Etiquette and Fetishes

Odd how the world of fetishes is looked down upon by the world of politics.

We watch as the politicians get up and yell at one another…claiming to be doing things in the best interest of those that elected them while doing their damnedest to block any action by their opposition and make those opposing look foolish. There are, of course, exceptions that do actual public service…but in the fishbowl of the political spectrum, these are becoming few due to those that are just there to feel power and act like right honorable jackasses thanks to the pseudo celebrity they have “earned”.

Absolute power and corruption is allowed as we cannot get the eyes of these people out of our bedrooms under the guise of public safety and morality. These are the dominants that we entrust with the leash of society.

With the etiquette of corruption in politics, it is amazing we get to cum at all. Politics is simply about the morals of which constituents can yell the loudest and have the biggest envelopes of cash to hand to the politicians.

People say we have come so far.

Knowing that homosexuality is still seen as taboo, immoral and even illegal in some parts of the world…I call bullshit.

The way the Catholic Church…a political business like few others…is allowed by its sheep to look down upon homosexuality (10 percent of the populous) and to be proponents of male superiority (50 percent)…while then claiming to represent all of the people…well, it just shows they can fool many people.

Then there is the openly fetish world. A group of people that admit the bizarre belief that each of us is unique and we do not all get off the same way. Not only is this admitted in the dark corners of fetishes, but it is celebrated.

Every single person on this planet has a fetish of some sort…it is all a matter of degrees. Some are as simple a eye correct during a blowjob…some are a complex as having an audience while being flogged…the latter does not sound complex until one has tried to find that audience. The fetish world takes this a step further by finding an audience that is just as turned on by watching as those performing.

There is much more etiquette in the fetish world than most vanilla would imagine. Consent is the key…informed consent is the combination…and the shared experience is what opens the door to actually find the pleasures that can be had.

Politics divides and makes us feel alone so we are willing to strep in line and be guided.

Fetish brings us together…makes us realize that we are not alone and makes it so we can take responsibility for our own joys.

Odd, one might say that fetishes are more sexually conservative than politics…with most seeing the fetish world as politically liberal, something of a paradox. When fetishes are seen as a way of taking responsibility for one’s own pleasures…it is true, though. While politically conservative take a more sexually liberal view where the moral majority has a right to know and control what is going on in your bedroom…as “keeping up with the Joneses” is important and it would be unfair for one to have more enjoyable organs than another.

Fuck that.

If I want to tie up my partner, put her on her back and lock eyes while lowering my cock into her mouth…all the while another person performs cunnilingus on her…beyond informed consent, honesty and enjoyment of those involved, it is no business of any other person on the planet…

…other than my readers who I would share it with when it happens…and it will…soon. Blow by blow.

It does seem that this writing has become something of a fetish of mine. Unleashing my libido in these words has helped to unleash it in real life as well.

Much less tension and frustration in a well trained dog that is off the leash…

…and I am such a dog.

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