Elle Does St. Patrick

Greg sat at his computer keyboard to write this one. So much to say about what has happened the night prior that he was uncertain where to begin.

Elle slept on the bed behind him with light snores.

So he began at the start…fingers flying across keys…what follows is how Greg wrote the events of that evening.

As always, the story was about his adventure with Elle as he introduced her to the world of fetish and kink, but in the stories he called her “Emma” and himself “Don” to make them seem more fictitious.

It started in the car and, unlike the prior evening, there was a blowjob in the vehicle…

The night was cold and crisp…but the car was still warm. The windows had a slight fog to them as she came up for air.

“Should we go in?” Emma pushed a stray brunette lock back and licked saliva from her glistening lips.

I nodded and zipped up quickly. “I think so.” A quick glance at the dashboard said five after nine. I was usually one to show up unfashionably on time to these events. This place opened at nine, so tonight would be no different. Straightening my tie under my spring jacket, we got out of the car and walked along the cold sidewalk.

For the record, I wore the wrong jacket as it was too cold. At least, beneath I has my dark red shirt and tie with layers beneath. My black slacks, however, could have used long johns under them.

She wore black…all black. A poofy parka, blouse with a lacy neckline, pants and boots past her knees. With her boot heels, she was nearly as tall as I.

We clicked along the sidewalk until we found the unmarked storefront.

“Is this the place?” I asked. I was not one to usually be excited at such things thanks to past experience…this, however, felt different and raw…causing a hunger in the put of my mind that needed to be dealt with.

“Yes,”she said with such excitement in that single word that made it sound like a giggle.

We went in, pulling the glass shop door open to find stairs going down and a dry hump of muffled bass from the club. Descending, all was dark save a few well positioned lights to allow one to fund their way.

“Hello there and welcome,” the greeter said with a tight British accent.

“Hi, is this…?” Emma began her question.

“Your first time here?” he interrupted with his own question.

We both nodded.

He pulled out a form and placed it in front of us. “You know this is a swingers club, right?”

No doubt he was used to the confusion that appeared on our faces. The blank look of of course we know, why else would we be here?

The dance music from the other room turned to Finger Eleven doing Paralyzer with a steady bump.

He laughed. “I have to ask. If you’d be so kind as to sign here, we will get you a tour and get the evening started for you.”

A short skinny woman with a bob of blonde hair showed us around. There was the typical aspects with the bar and dance floor at the front.

“At midnight,” or guide informed, “we open the back.”

A second couple joined us on out tour. In fact, tonight…a Saturday night was couples and single women only…there would be no single men in the place.

The tour went into the back…no so usual aspects for such a club…bathrooms and change rooms with lockers was first. Then play areas with mattresses and curtains everywhere the eye could see.

“Dress code back here is lingerie for women and towel only for men.” She led us through to where a second bar was in a quieter room for talking.

Yeah, right…talking.

That and a big screen TV showing porn in front of the faux fireplace with a St. Andrews Cross just in case there were any bdsm types wanting to play.

The tour ended retracing our steps back to the front bar. We had a couple of drinks to loosen our resolve…due to my driving, drink three and onward was Diet Coke for me. Emma had a few beer to help her excited nerves that were already in overdrive.

My biggest shock of the evening came in a question I asked Emma at one point. Three simple words that spilled from my mouth without a second thought. “Want to dance?”

This may not seem like much of a question until one considers the last time I was on a dance floor would have been about 1996. Though my dancing left much to be desired…that drought ended when the Black Eyed Peas sang out, “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night..” My inner 80s rocker cringed at this, but it was still fun.

“I want to do her,” Emma sighed as we sat on one of the leather couches after our dancing. The object of her attention was a brunette of similar age and build to herself.

One part of this evening had been the want for Emma to explore her bi-curious side. There seemed ample opportunity, but as first time visitors the comfort level was needing to be established.

Then midnight hit with four words into the microphone from a large man with spiky blonde hair behind the bar. “Happy St.Patrick’s Day!”

The dance floor began to empty as couples began to vanish into the back. Emma and I got or locker and each wanders in with nothing more than a towel.

Emma and I found a large king mattress in a curtains room holding four mattresses.  where our first order of business was cunnilingus. The back was far from full at this point so we had our pick of location. We shared the large room with another couple that currently had the blonde decked in black lingerie and stiletto heels performing fellatio on her silver fox partner. I could hear voices behind us as others walked in, but no visual for obvious circumstances as pussy was in the menu. Emma continually moaned and would look over to see the voyeurs watching us as we initiated our play. We then switched to fellatio as well and I got to see the mass of people walking through and watching as they went in search of their own pleasures.

Emma’s biggest concern before arriving earlier had been her own self consciousness. Much as I would try to help build out up, the look on her face with my cock in her mouth and people watching told me it was no longer a concern. She was finally experiencing her first exhibitionist run.

We stayed on our mattress for a while before deciding to move on and go for a walk…see the sights.

With all of the mattresses were now bodies. Entangled, intertwined and humping each other on every square inch of real estate they could find. Moans of pleasure were heard all over in stereo as the orgy ensued. There were couples playing to get out their exhibitions while some watched for the voyeur of it all…then there were threesomes and foursomes and even moresomes in some areas.

Finding a couch in one main area, Emma and I sat to watch other couples frolic. Obviously enjoying her new found exhibitionist, however, Emma soon was down in me again with a slow tongue and big brown eyes.

There were couples I would have loved to have joined in more of a group frolic, but felt I needed to know them better. Watched as one well muscled gent, mid fuck of his sexy blonde, beckoned another blonde to join…I was impressed by his balls of inviting a random stranger but, more than anything, I was impressed by how well he accepted her simple, “No thank you.” Later I noticed he was rewarded when I saw his blonde sharing a blowjob of him with an Asian woman.

My favorite sight of the evening involved a curvy blonde getting eaten out by her partner as she took another in her mouth and screamed her pleasures in moans muffled by cock. This is what I wanted…to share Emma with a man or woman…and to be shared as well. It did not happen, though…again, first time and the comfort level just was not there yet…but next time…

After two hours, we found ourselves back at the car and in the mist of a nearly speechless drive home. Odd, but I have very little memory of getting dressed nor returning to the car…not from inebriation but simply my mind working through the sensory overload it had just witnessed.

“That was amazing,” Emma whispered with green dashboard light flickering off her face.

“Next time we need to find you another play partner…I want to watch you.”

She smiled. “Yes, sir.”

Greg looked at the screen with a smile. For the first time, there was not a shred of fiction in the story other than the character names.

He hit “post” and rise from his chair. He then preceded to wake Elle with a playful cock slap to her cheek.

Her eyes fluttered open. “Good morning.”

“How are you feeling?”

She grinned and kissed the top of his cock. “Fantastic.”

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