“N.P.S.I. level is up tonight, Moose.”  Belinda poured red wine into two glasses and put them on the tray with the assortment of bottles and glasses already residing there.beer bottles by Sarah-Rose

Moose straightened to his full seven-foot height, his bald head briefly catching a glare of the overhead lights.  “Just means the discussions I over hear will be above my head.”

Her pixie-cut blonde hair shimmered in the light as Belinda shook her head.  “Always look on the bright side.”

Before picking up the tray, he smoothed his white apron.  “Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it.”  Turning from the counter he made the few steps to the first table.

The walls were white on three sides and glass at the front.  Year ago, this was a small hardware store that had since been turned into a small coffee shop and pub when Moose had bought it.  It had seemed like the perfect business model for such a small hole in the wall across the street from the university.  The walls were adorned with different sports paraphernalia and pictures.  The speakers currently had The Corrs claiming they didn’t love you anyway.

“He was disgusting,” the blonde said and slurped at the straw in her glass for whatever water had melted from the ice cubes in it.  Her blue eyes widened and glanced up at the replacement glass the bald bartender was lowering to the table.  Turning back to the brunette across from her, she continued, “He used to sweat and had acne all across his forehead.  I would tell him about the creams he could use to fix that, but he never listened.  He wanted to spend his money on dice and that fucking D and D game instead of letting me fix him.  He never bought any of the clothes I told him to.”

The brunette’s mouth was open, as though searching for words and unable to form them.  The look in her brown eyes was one of disbelief…at least Moose assumed as he lowered a beer before her.

Her head snapped up and caught Moose’s eye quickly.  “That wasn’t what I ordered.”

The blonde continued on about the sweaty guy, oblivious to the fact no one was listening to her anymore.

“I ordered a…”

“Braggon’s White Limited Lager,” Moose finished for her.

“Oh.”  Her lips creased into a forced smile.  “Guess it was.”

“Enjoy.”  Moose moved to the next table.

“Joe, you cannot retire working on a retail wage.  Wal-Mart will kill you,” the older man said with his hand pointing at the younger mirror image across the table for effect.

“But dad,” the mirror image whined, “I need to be me.”

Moose lowered two brown long necks and chilled steins between the men.

As though in practiced synchronization, both began to pour the bottles out into the steins.

“Joe, what would your mother think?”

Joe, apparently, had no answer to this.

“Enjoy the ales, gentlemen,” Moose said with a smile before moving on.

The final drinks on his tray were the two red wines and these were for the table that most intrigued Moose.  He just had a feeling and was not quite sure why.  As he stepped between the other filled tables…the place was never remotely empty…the music switched to the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies singing of rattling Doctor Bones.

The two at the table were professors…or so Moose thought.  She was a 40-something brunette with blue eyes in a slim black suit and knee-length skirt that rode up high as she sat showing off well muscled nyloned legs…and all those over a frilly neck line on a red frilly blouse with just a hint of cleavage.  He was a 60-something older man who could pass for a heavier Captain Picard in a pin-stripe navy suite with matching tie and white shirt.

“…and I sucked him, Markus.”  She took a sip of her last drop of red wine.

Moose almost fell over with the implication of these words.

Her eyes shifted up and she grinned at him.

“Your wine.”  Moose replaced the empty wine glasses on the table.

“Thank you,” the man called Markus said with a curt nod.  “So Viva…”

She grinned at Moose and pointed at herself while mouthing the words…”That’s me.”

“Did you sleep with him.”

Her eyes dropped to her companion.  “Damned straight I did…and that’s ten minutes I won’t get back.”

Both howled with laughter.

Moose, not sure where to look turned away and wandered back to the bar with his tray full of empties.  “Belinda,” he hissed quietly.


“They’re not nerds.”

A few moments earlier.

Viva looked at the tall waiter with the white apron.  “He’d be fun.”

“Vive…he’s probably married.”  Markus’ voice was deep and soothing.  “But do it anyway.”

A giggle skipped from her mouth that she quickly covered with her wrist.  “I should at least embarrass him.”

“Yes, you should.”

She cocked her head to one side and thought.  After a moment, her gaze locked with Markus.  “You remember that guy from Brazil that I met?”

“Guy from Brazil?  No.”

She shook her head lightly at him.

Eyes realized and widened.  “Oh yes, the Brazilian.”

“He came over last night and I sucked him, Markus.”  She took a sip of her last drop of red wine.

The waiter almost stumbled, but seemed to regain his composure.

Her eyes shifted up and she grinned at him.

“Your wine,” he said and replaced the empty wine glasses on the table.

“Thank you.” Markus gave a curt nod.  “So Viva…”

That’s me,” she mouthed at the waiter and pointed at her chest.

“Did you sleep with him.”

“Damned straight I did…and that’s ten minutes I won’t get back.”  Her eyes dropped and she grinned coyly.

Both howled with laughter.

The waiter turned away and seemed to run back to the bar with his tray full of empties.

“He’s fucking gorgeous,” Viva said and reached into her purse for a business card.

“Don’t leave him your number.”

“I’m leaving him my number.”

“Vive, you know he won’t call.”

“Fuck you, Markus.”

“You already have.”

“Oh yeah?  How was it?”

“Fucking amazing.  Alright, leave your number.  He could use a good fucking.”

After closing…

Moose stared at the card in his paw.

“You going to call her?”

He looked from the card over to Belinda.  He shifted on the bar stool in front of the bar she was currently wiping down.  “Should I?”

Belinda laughed.  “If the bit of conversation you told me about is true, you could use a good lay.  So hell yes.”

“I guess I’ll call, then.”

Reaching across the bar, her legs kicking up in the air to help her reach, Belinda patted his bald head.  “Good boy.”



  1. Seems like Viva gets around quite a lot. Hope Moose enjoys the fucking *grins*

    At first I did not know where the story was going to, but loved the way you jumped back to a couple of minutes earlier to show the other side of it 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. You set this up beautifully, I really did feel like I was in the bar with Moose following him around as he served….. and if was him, I would so call Viva, she sounds like a girl who I would happily spend and evening with 😉


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