Working Titles and the New Projects

Sometimes the title is the first thing that comes to mind.

Sometimes the title is the best part of the garbage I produce behind that.

I can think of numerous examples in my writing on this site where the title was a much better idea than the prose. Not going to give any examples, but I suspect my regular readers would know of a few that way.

I have previously mentioned a new project that is started and well into chapters of draft at this point…my first real attempt at a novel. As I tap this out, I am standing inside Chapters…the Canadian equivalent if Barnes and Noble or such as our big box book store…at Richmond and Peter in Toronto. You might say it has become my Sunday morning hangout when the gf takes her daughter to ballet lessons. So I am among metallic red shelves filled with written word. Big windows add to the artificial light…yes, actual sun out there today…as I look at these titles.

Looking at one of my favs in the horror section, The Stand by Stephen I King …and it brings back so many memories from when I read it in my last year of high school almost 25 years ago. Another, from approximately the same time frame for me, is Peter Straub’s Mystery.

In fantasy, we have Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and also his American Gods. In mystery we have J.D. Robb’s (aka Nora Roberts) with her series “In Death” series…yes, I have read Nora Roberts. Two old favs share the fantasy section…and do not get me started on fantasy and sci/fi needing separate sections…Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. Finally to literature where I find my fav Canadian author, Michael Shade and his Special X novels if which, apparently, Alice Cooper is a huge fan.

No idea why I am sharing this. Perhaps a slight nod at those that I fell have inspired me over my 42 odd years if reading in this gig…and, to revisit one of my oldest jokes, some very odd. Then again, I had yet to mention Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and Ed McBainwith his 87th Precinct.

Sorry…tangent there…the novel I am working on is still, for now, without title. I am somewhat pleased about this as it keeps me from pigeon holing the story at all…not to suggest a title necessarily does that, but it certainly could.

I have just picked up a book written by John Lithgow…”Drama: An Actor’s Education”…think this will be 13’s gift for middle school graduation, as she loves these biographical type books about stage people…she us going to a special arts school for high school, starting next year, in the hopes of getting into musical theater. Her school year end us still three months away, but this will be I perfect.

Another tangent…I know. Just reminding myself that I am not the most talented member if my family…by far. In fact, I am one if the few not making a career in the arts…well, not yet.

I do want to mention a new longer project I am in the very early stages of. The story is, so far, scribbled down in concept…not even a skeleton as of yet…and by the end of this you will understand why the word “skeleton” tickles me.

This new piece, much like the novel, has no title yet, but will soon. Unlike the novel, I will self publish as I have previously with my material on this site. It will, however, be posted to a separate site only for the story itself.

The goal is to have the title and site set to go by June 1. Then, July 1 to have the first chapter up. With plenty of serialized stories on my regular site, in the new one each chapter will not be individual stories. Then a new chapter will be added at least monthly, but going for more frequency.

This is the plan. No guarantees…but it is a goal.

Now, enough with the tender hooks, let us talk skeletons…sometimes I kill myself. Recently, the gf has gotten me to watch the Walking Dead…a decent television version of a graphic novel. I also love stories on aliens, vampires and the like…let me say that TV shoes such as Fringe and The X Files were toroidal wet dreams for me. My a question to you, dear reader, us what comes after these? What else is out there? What, exactly, were those that created these stories trying to distract us from actually seeing?

I have scribbled the answer…well, some if it…soon to add bone structure, followed by flesh. I am going to be joined in this project by other writters as well…not certain on those details yet, but working on it.

When I say “some”, I mean there is no endgame in mind. Contributions will be invited and encouraged.

In two plus years I have written bits and pieces if humor, erotica, fantasy and sci/fi on this site…likely all will be in this new project somewhere…but time for me to return to where my adult reading began…my first attempt at horror and paranoia.

Again, this is the plan…to turn the scribbles into whispers…the whispers into rumor…and lead any consenting readers into the dark corners just to see what we can find.

As always, I thank my readers. You folks make the efforts worthwhile. Your comments, encouragements and yes, even corrections make me very happy.

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