Hanny, RIP


This was supposed to be a Sinful Sunday post, but couldn’t come up with anything beyond this…with how I have written of the Doberman before, felt I had to say something.

You all remember Hanny, right?

Got the news last week that he passed away.

Hanny n MeHe was a rescue…his owner had passed away and he ended up in a garage for a month before he was rescued.  All things considered, I was amazed he lasted that year, but seems he had almost four left.  For the first year of this site, there was many an afternoon that he was my writing partner and confident up at that little house…very often he would give me the look.

…you know that look…

“You’re really going to write that?  It’s your funeral…now feed me.  Forget about it!”  Not sure why, but I always figured he had an Italian accent.

Anyhow, he has moved along.

Anyway…Hanny…go lie down!  Get some rest, buddy.

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