What would she taste like?

…as I spread her legs and slowly run my tongue along her thighs…as my fingers open her up and push inside in search of her spot…as my mouth devours her in the early attempt to drive her to orgasm.

What would she look like?

…as our eyes lock while my mouth continues to work pussy and clit…my hands grasping breasts…as her own rhythm begins to t take hold.

What would she sound like?

…as my hand slides back inside…me kneeling above her so my erection can find her lips and muffle her groans…my other hand at the back if her head to hero guide her.

What would she smell like?

…as I search her body fire further pleasure places…kissing her and get whiffs of all hair and perfumes…slowly positioning her so that I can find out…

What would she feel like?

…as my hands grasp her hips…lifting them…her arching her back…my erection sliding in and finding her wet warmth until my own orgasm fills her.

Simple questions…on a lonely Saturday morning.

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